The Perfect Travel Baby Monitor The Nabby Review

We were sent this brand new innovative baby monitor to review. I’ve had for a couple of weeks now to test it it out. It took me a while to get used to but it’s really impressive especially since it connects to my iphone without using any wires at all.

“At Nabby, we’re parents ourselves. We’ve been there – choosing the right baby monitor to help us stay close to our little one. We’ve been in contact with more than a thousand parents, who echo the same complaints of feeling lost in a jungle of complicated devices, signal interference, and mile-long product manuals. We want a simple and safe product that always works. That’s why we developed Nabby for your smartphone.”

First Impression:

– Really small, easy to carry around with you
– Took a while to get used to
– Quirky design
– Perfect for taking on holiday

High Quality Design
Designed and manufactured in their hometown Denmark the Nabby team are able to keep keep an eye over the entire high-quality production. Nabby want to be a part of our families for this baby and future ones too.

Customise Your Nabby
Nabby comes with all the features you need to monitor your baby. If you want, you can add a temperature sensor, sleep timer, or a ‘listen now’ function – all from your smartphone! Keep you’r eyes peeled for future  updates from Nabby HQ.

No More Signal Interference
Can you hear your baby crying – or the neighbor’s? A common problem with baby monitors is signal interference. Sometimes it can be very entertaining – but most often it’s just plain annoying. They have designed Nabby to automatically skip busy channels to avoid interfering sounds and signals. It happens without you noticing, so you can enjoy the peaceful quiet of your child fast asleep.

Nabby’s connection is safe and unique. It supports a strong two-way connection between the pair that matters – you and your child. Anyone in your family can download the Nabby app, but only one at a time can connect and listen. When you ‘connect’ to your Nabby, the option to connect becomes invisible to all others.

It was so easy to keep it charged when the battery eventually wore out. I could either connect it to my laptop or connect it to a plug via a socket. It would casually charge in the kitchen chilling with the spices while I cooked dinner.

You would know that the monitor is fully changed once you are able to see a green light. I can’t lie it took me a while to find the on button LOL the light is a button that you have to press to turn it on (Just encase you were having one of those days like me).

Obviously its nice and small especially for little hand so I had to keep it away from Hayden as he thought it was a lovely little toy for himself. At the begining as soon as he woke up and I would get the notification I would make sure I would go and get him before he decided to play with it.
Every nap I would move the monitor around the room so I could see what the range was like and it absolutely fine. I wanted to test out how accurate the sound was because I will be taking it on holiday with me and the rooms in Barbados are much bigger.

I do really love this new monitor. It’s a great design, does what it says on the box and is prefect if you own a smart device. But like I said, it took me a while to get used to. 
I am so used to hearing my child breath while he sleeps so it took me a while to adjust to hearing silence. I would often go and check on him and he would be absolutely fine, but that’s just me – I don’t know how I feel about not being able to know he is 100% alright, if that makes any sense? 
I will have to eventually figure out the best way to get over that fear and maybe this monitor is the one for me to do that.
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Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of a
review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my

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  1. this looks fabulous ! i was recently thinking about something like this is so needed whilst we are away on holiday…. x

  2. This really does seem like a great little device!

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