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We all know there’s a better deal out there for most of the ‘essentials’ in life, but the trouble is you need to put some effort into finding the best value tariffs for things like gas, electricity and telephone bills, and there’s always other more interesting stuff in life that seems to take priority.

However, if you make the time to research the main household bills you’re paying, you can always find cheaper alternatives and could end up saving hundreds on your annual bills.

Telecoms are a good example. Most of us have a phone, an internet connection and pay for satellite TV today. By bundling these services all together, you can reduce your monthly costs considerably. Most providers of broadband will offer a bundle today. For example, at Sky you can have TV, phone and internet in a package customised to fit your usage. So, if you are only rarely on the internet but watch a lot of sport and movies, you might choose a lower broadband usage allowance but choose an option that includes the full range of TV channels. Or, if you’ve got young kids in the house, you could choose to have the Kids TV package so that there’s always plenty for them to watch on the box. You can find out more on Sky Broadband here, but there are lots of different package choices, so you’re bound to find one that suits your household.

You’ll also find that you often get new contract offers such as unlimited broadband when you first sign up with a provider, so it pays to move around now and then to benefit from extra promotions like this. It all depends on how willing you are to go through the switching process.

Similarly there are plenty of savings to make with energy bills. It’s become the norm for most suppliers to offer dual fuel bills, and customers who get both electricity and gas from one company will get a reduced tariff on both. You’ll also often get a discount if you pay your bills by direct debit. Most suppliers will offer a one year contract and you’re usually tied in for that year. Be aware that you’ll then go onto their standard tariff unless you specifically contact them to find out what other deals are on offer the following year. This is the point where you can switch again if you can find a better deal, but you may find that your existing supplier might match the deal you’ve been offered elsewhere in order to keep you signed up with them.

Checking out different tariffs for household bills may not be the most scintillating way to spend an afternoon, but by doing so, you could reduce costs considerably, leaving you more disposable income to spend on family-time treats!

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