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We were giving the opportunity to review a online fast food service. I had never heard of them before but from looking at their website I noticed a few names that I order from on a regular basis when I opt out of doing the cooking.

First Impressions
Nice Website Design
Apps avaiable on App Store, Google Play & Windows Phone
Couldn’t use voucher code via App
Website showed wrong information
Impressive customer service
“Originating in the Netherlands, is one of the world leaders in online food ordering. Since the creating of our company in 2000, we became a market leading in the Netherlands and are now actively developing our services in many European countries. Currently we have over 20.000 member’s and our websites record an average of 800,000 orders per month. We work closely with several known brand such as Domino’s Pizza, Coca-Cola, Heineken and Ben & Jerry’s.”

The first thing I did was search for Chinese restaurants and my local was there so I immediately ordered our usual.
Once I placed the order via their app I wasn’t given a choice to add my voucher code which was provided by for the purpose of this review. I was prompted to either pay with cash or card. I had to pick one or the other so I clicked cash and then attempted to call my local Chinese to let them know I had a voucher and to advise me on what to do next. 
The phone rang and rang until I heard a voice message stating the shop was closed for a few days. Which was strange. I then had a phone call about 5 mins later from letting me know that the shop I ordered from was indeed closed and that there was an error on the website. After getting off the phone with the lovely lady I checked again and the status of the shop had been changed to close.
Dilemma…  What other Chinese restaurant should I choose.
We ended up choosing Red-Pepper after fiddling with the website for a while and then tweeting about my frustration – Nobody got back to me till the next day though.
We ordered the same as what we usually do with an added extra.
Wasn’t the best Chinese I’ve had and wasn’t the worst but I really wasn’t impressed with the food at all. Food was very watery and bland. Best to stick to what you know really.
Great customer service after website hiccup
App needs updating
Not great food but that doesn’t take away from a good service from the site.
Where to find
Disclosure: We were sent a voucher for the purpose of a
review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my

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