How To Save Money For A Beach Holiday

Its becoming extremely expensive taking a family holiday abroad these days. Last year wasn’t as bad but this year we are feeling the pinch with most the outgoing going on starting a new venture. We were thinking of going European but still on average a holiday for four costing well over £2,000 (and that’s before you count spending money, travel insurance and your **NEW** holiday wardrobe).

The cost of your holiday depends on where you go and how you like to travel. Some costs to consider include:
– Airfares or transport costs
– Travel insurance
– Transport at your destination e.g. hire car
– Accommodation
– Food
– Souvenirs
– Spending money
– Emergency money
Cutting costs without compromising on quality requires advance planning, lots of research and clever thinking. I’ve put together a few ideas.

Get the cheapest deal on flights
Research shows that flying on a Tuesday works out 35% cheaper than flying on a Friday. Flying back on a Sunday also tends to cost up to 45% more!
So when booking a flight it’s why not try playing around with the days a bit, give yourself +2/3 days to work with. Also try booking two or three months in advance using a well known estate agent to find the best price – why not also try make friends with them to try and get a good deal.

Go all inclusive OR Swap homes
You’ll usually find all-inclusive holidays or activity holidays are a much cheaper way to go abroad, I know Thomas Cook has recently converted to All Inclusive only – We used them for our Babymoon to Egypt .
All inclusive deals usually include flights, accommodation, breakfast, dinner and sports equipment hire for all the family – so they can even work out cheaper.

Several companies out there offer ‘home swap’ for families in different countries for a holiday a bit like the movie ‘The Holiday’ ft Jude Law & Kate Winslet.
You can post details of your location, the size of your property, and how many people your home accommodates and families overseas do the same. You come to swapping agreements between you, and no money changes hands.

Cut back on spending before you go and you’ll have more money to spend on your trip, why not try using a budget planner. Its so easy to discover 0% balance transfer deals and see where your money goes and find ways to spend less on non-essential items.

Low-cost travel insurance online
Before you buy a travel insurance policy, go online and you’ll find many single-trip European policies for less than a tenner per person. However an annual policy tends to be better value if you plan on going on more than one trip during the year. Have a quick look at ways to save on travel insurance. The Post Office is great or even try family travel insurance from Debenhams. If you are booking through a travel agent ask them for advice, they usually have it included in the package.

Do you have any advice?
Would love to hear how you would save for your beach holiday

Lotte xo 
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  1. Some great points. If you don’t mind where you travel, see where the best place is for rates.. sometimes it could be beneficial to go abroad somewhere you know is affordable and can get you a great deal! Find the best rates then budget for spending money. Best to do a lot in advance that way you have more time to save!

  2. Superb points!
    Ya i am agree with you that the cost of your holiday depends on where you go and how you like to travel.
    But if we follow your above tips we may definitely save few amount of money during our travel to somewhere, These tips which your shared here is very suitable for travelers….Thanks for this stunning share!

  3. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to different countries, I think buying Travel insurance from a company is cheaper than taking help from an agent for single trips, multi trips and annual trips.

  4. Oh. This is the first time I heard about “home swap”. This is a very good idea. And then take advantage of holiday package deals for more savings. Hmm. I’m going to think this over. 🙂