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The lovely Kerry who blogs over at Oh So Amelia has written this great post about the Graco Sky pushchair. I absolutely love pushchairs, who doesn’t? So reading about this one was a pleasure – Graco has never been at the top of my pushchair list but after seeing this one I really like it a lot. Thank you Kerry for sharing.

We have now been using the Graco Sky over the last month and have fallen in love! I can now share with you our thoughts on the pushchair and let you know how we got on with it. I had heard a lot about the Graco range before however never used any of their products other than the baby swing which had been a lifesaver when Amelia was younger, so I was looking forward to try out the pushchair.

You may remember my unboxing post here which included a short video which proved it really doesn’t take long to put together at all. I found it pretty easy to do so, once I had figured out I needed to insert the split pins into the wheel after wondering why they kept falling off wouldn’t stay on! Woops! Once we got over that learning curve I couldn’t wait to take it out for a spin. From the moment Amelia first sat in the pushchair she immediately looked comfortable which is always something I look for right away when getting a new pushchair.

My first impressions of the Graco sky were that it was pretty lightweight compared to other pushchairs and was easy to manoeuvre. I also thought it was very modern and stylish. We chose the pushchair in Black Night as I prefer to keep our baby items neutral although I am loving the other colours too and slightly envious of the purple shadow!

Amelia loves to sit up in the pushchair and holds onto the bar in front when in world facing mode. Which is why she isn’t buckled in, in any of these images. I can assure you she is strapped in usually, she was just being fussy this day as she wanted to run about like she had been earlier on that afternoon. 

✓ Protective, parent facing baby nest for newborns
✓ Fully reversible seat unit
✓ 4 Position recline, including lie-flat for newborns
✓ Deluxe padded seat for extra comfort
✓ All-round spring suspension for a comfy ride
✓ Convenient one-hand fold
✓ Parent tray, to store all essentials
✓ Free-standing when folded
✓ Large, easy-access shopping basket
✓ Footmuff to keep baby snug and warm
✓ Raincover to keep little one dry and comfortable
✓ Stroller weight 10.5Kg

Forward facing 

I now have Amelia forward facing as she is older, however we have only recently switched over as she likes to be nosey and watch the world go by. The seat is very sturdy and comfortable. Amelia likes resting her feet on the foot rest which is why we have it up, however you can also have it dropped down for bigger babies/toddlers as they grow to allow room for their legs. The hood is amazingly large and shelters well from the rain which is great! I like the fact that you can fold it down with the seat still attached in forward facing as some pushchairs don’t have the ability to do this. 

Parent facing 

With the seat in the upright position
With the seat in the recline position
The seat also can be used in a nesting position which is great for younger babies or if your prefer to have your little one laid down flat for napping. You can recline the seat right down and also have the foot rest folded up which is great to turn it into more of a cary cot. It had four positions to choose  from including lie-flat to suit your little one.

Opening & Closing

The Sky is easy to open with the pull of a lever on the left hand side of the frame and it releases and opens up within seconds. To close, you simply push a button on the handle and it folds down itself, you can do this one handed its so simple! You can then store it away very compact as it stands upright on it’s own. Which is great for storing in small places. It also fits in our boot with the seat still attached, we have a ford fiesta but this is standing upright with the top of the boot taken out as it’s not the smallest of pushchairs. The frame itself fits great in the back which would be good for use with the car seat instead of the seat. 


The basket is one of my favourite features of the Sky as it is so big! There’s plenty of room for a changing bag and mine is pretty big, plus some shopping and coats. We recently went on a family outing to a local petting zoo and had plenty of room for the bag, all of our coats and even a picnic bag too, along with Amelia’s doll too of course. 


The front wheels of the Sky are 360 swivel and I found were really sturdy when in use. All wheels are made out of rubber so this took a bit of getting used to going up and down pavements  as I am used to the big chunky bouncy wheels on my Quinny. However there were no problems with this and I found them really reliable. 
Parent Tray 

Another favourite feature of the pushchair is the parent tray, this is situated by the handlebars with two drink holders and a middle tub which is great for keeping snacks at bay for peckish tots or even yourself when on the go. This is a lovely feature as most pushchairs don’t offer this and I’m always routing through my bag looking for drink, so it was great to have it in front of me at all times. 

Car seat 

The Graco Sky is a 3 in 1 travel system which comes with a car seat to use from birth right up till 1 year of age. Unfortunately Amelia is too big for the car seat now but we did test it out! To use the car seat on the pushchair and turn it into a travel system all you need to do is attach the square base and the car seat on top of that, it’s vey easy to switch over. I wish Amelia was younger so we could have got some use out of it as it seems like a very good car seat.

The only feature that I’m not too fond about the pushchair in my opinion would have to be the fact that it gives off a plasticky feel to it rather than a metal sturdy frame and also the same with the parent tray. However this isn’t too bad to be honest, as it makes it so much lighter and easier to manoeuvre and for the price you are paying you are getting a bargain.

Overall we are extremely pleased with the Graco Sky and would highly recommend it to any new parent looking to purchase an all round fantastic versitle product which will last from birth right up until they no longer need it. I love the 3 in 1 mode and the fact that it can be used from birth up until around 4 years of age and the fact that you don’t need a carry cot which would take up more room.

The Graco Sky is available at an affordable price of just £249.99 at Babies R Us and £89.99 for the car seat which is pretty good in my opinion! The Sky also comes in two other colours other than the Black Night, which are Sea Pine & Purple Shadow which means you are spoilt for choice as all three are unisex colours. You can read more about the pushchair here and also follow Graco on Twitter and Facebook for their latest news and promotions.

What do you think of the Graco Sky travel system?

Lotte xo 
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