End Of Summer, Stoke Newington Common and a Red Phone Box

On the weekend we decided to take a trip to a park in Hackney. We planned on going to Clissold park but finding parking nearby was an absolute nightmare, so we drove to a quieter part of Hackney near Hayden’s Granma’s and visit a smaller park which we drive past all the time.

Hayden is always a ball of energy and loves to run around… I try to keep up …I promise… but he uses Duracell batteries I’m sure. After 5 mins I’m out of breath talk about being unhealthy, maybe I need to start this healthy journey sooner then planned (watch this space).
So as I was saying my little Caterpillar is a ball of fire when it comes to open spaces and I love seeing him have so much freedom. But I don’t want to take him to the same park near us all the time – I would like for him to see other sites. He even got to see his very first red phone box, wasn’t working and really rundown but was so cool too see.

Here are a few snaps of our weekend at the park
If anyone has any awesome places in East London to take a toddler please let me know!

I managed to shave my legs in the morning after using the Veet easy wax which I got as a review and I think shaving it so much easier than having to wait for the wax to heat up and stuff. I suppose having all unnecessary hair removed would be so much easier something like laser hair removal. Has anyone ever tired this? Well I always think you should have nice smooth legs when the suns shinning and your legs are out. I have no idea why my leg looks so shinny either LOOL must be that good ol’ vitamin D

Where do you like taking your little ones when its nice and sunny out? Sometimes I really wish we lived by the coast… but then again when it gets cooler it must be so cold HAHA

Lotte xo 
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  1. Beautiful photos hunny 🙂 Hayden is growing so fast! Such a big boy now 🙂 xx

  2. I really liked the old Telephone where Hayden is standing in the first photograph above.It can serve as a tonic to take him to garden regularly to keep him energized.