Warbutons Krazy Kitchens – Chicken Supreme Recipe

The final episode of Warbutons Krazy Kitchens is upon us.
Two families took part, the McDermotts and the Griffiths. The name of the game was living up your Friday lunches. Who will be the winner?

Warbutons were kind enough to send us a hamper for us to take part and make one of their recipes using the ingredients. I think I did pretty well. To check out what’s going on with the latest Krazy Kitchens check out their facebook page.

Chicken Supreme
A Supreme Chicken Sandwich using Warbutons Sandwich Thins

Ingredients (Adapt it to suit you, I did)
– 2 Warbutons Sandwich thins
– 2 tsp low-fat mayonaise
– Approximately 10 slices of cucumber
– Approximately 10 slices of red onions
– 1 cooked skinless chicken
– Handful of rocket lettus, washed

1. Slice the cucumber into 10 thin slices

2. Slice the red onion into 10 fine slices

3. Wash a handful of rocket lettuce

4.. Slice your chicken then season your chicken if it ready cooked from the store, don’t forget the lime too.

5. Spread 2 bottom halves of Warburtons sandwich thins with the mayonnaise
6. Add rocket leaves, cucumber, onions then slices of skinless chicken breast.

7. Finish it off with the other half of the sandwich thins & ENJOY!

There you have it … Home made lunch for yourself, friends, family and even you little ones.
I made this for my mum, she absolutely loved it and needless to say Hayden wanted in on the action too – bless him. I need to get some free from bread for my little caterpillar.

Disclosure: We took part in the Quinny Caster testing program 2013 for purpose of taking part in the
tasks we were given the Quinny Moodd. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my
Lotte xo 
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