Trying To Conceive? Prevent and Control Bacterial Vaginosis

Control BV with Balance Activ

I was approached by the company Balance Activ regarding Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) the most common form of vaginal infection. It is caused by an imbalance in the naturally occurring bacteria within the vagina and leads to a variety of symptoms, including embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge and discomfort.

Sometimes I often wonder if I am actually in my own little bubble because something I am totally unaware of. I read the email and was really intrigued with the information. ‘Women in the UK are more likely to know about intimate beauty treatments than they are about serious health issues that could make them six times more likely to miscarry or give birth prematurely.’- I couldn’t not share it with you guys.

If BV if left untreated during pregnancy, the consequences can be devastating:
– Pregnant women with BV are six times more likely to miscarry than other women
– Pregnant women with BV are twice as likely to have a premature birth than other women
– It is thought that BV is responsible for one in three of all premature births in the UK
– BV can lead to the amniotic sac (the bag of fluid where the unborn baby develops) breaking open too early
– BV can lead to Chorioamnionitis – an infection of the chorion and amnion membranes, and the amniotic fluid that surrounds the foetus

It seems intimate women’s health is the last taboo as over a third of women questioned (38%) admit they would feel comfortable getting health advice from online forums while nearly a fifth (19%) are too embarrassed to speak with a GP or an assisted reproduction centre. But knowing about BV is very important especially if you want to prevent and control bacterial vaginosis.

The research also reveals that 63% of women feel angry that more information on intimate health conditions is not made available to them. In response to the findings Balance Activ has produced two short videos featuring Dr Dawn Harper explaining the key symptoms of BV, and how to treat them quickly and easily at home using lactic acid pessaries or gel.

The videos, which can be viewed at, also feature women talking about their experiences of BV, including one who gave birth prematurely due to the condition. The videos advise that BV is not a sexually transmitted disease and is not linked to poor hygiene, but is in fact a common condition caused by simple changes in the pH balance of the vagina. Advice on how to avoid the triggers that can alter these pH levels is provided in the video, with top tips including:
Avoiding the use of perfumed intimate products and scented soaps
Avoiding excessive washing (or douching)
Using a condom (semen is alkaline compared to the vagina’s slightly acidic environment)


BV Pessaries
Balance Activ BV Pessaries work in the same way as Balance Activ BV Gel but are simply inserted into the vagina like a tampon. These new pessaries are small, discreet, mess-free and ideal for use at bedtime.

Prevent and Control Bacterial Vaginosis

Conceive Gel
Balance Activ Conceive Fertility Gel is a light, non-sticky, sperm-friendly lubricant that allows sperm to move efficiently to the targeted area, maximizing your chances of getting pregnant.
The gel’s key ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – naturally present in the vagina and cervical fluid – which creates the ideal pH balance and a ‘friendly’ environment necessary to increase sperm motility.
The gel is applied using the no-fuss hygienic applicators, which deliver the product directly to the cervix where it optimises the flow of sperm towards the egg.

Prevent and Control Bacterial Vaginosis

Conceive Spray
Used during the most fertile period of the ovulation cycle, Balance Activ Conceive Fertility Gel Spray creates a ‘friendly’ environment for sperm, increasing motility and maintaining the perfect pH balance.
Like Balance Activ Conceive Fertility Gel, it contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is naturally present in the vagina and cervical fluid, and is clinically tested to be a safe and effective way of maximizing your chances of getting pregnant
This product is available to buy exclusively from Boots for £12.99

Prevent and Control Bacterial Vaginosis

Although we are not trying to conceive baby number two just yet (Yes I am very broody) I couldn’t help but test out this products. I have previously tried Pre Seed which I liked very much and would recommend and also Sasmar Conceive which I didn’t like so much very sticky and thick.

Prevent and Control Bacterial VaginosisPrevent and Control Bacterial Vaginosis

As you can see from the images above, this conceive spray lubricant isn’t thick at all, very watery, no smell and comes in a awesome discreet container. Defiantly something to consider if you are TTCing and want to give them little simmers a greater chance of reaching that final destination.

Disclosure: We were sent these products samples for the purpose of a
review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my

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