Lets Make Fizzy Drinks At Home SodaStream Review

SodaStream, SodaStream …Ohhhh SodaStream. That’s the song I sing when I make a bottle of home made fizzy pop.

We were given the awesome opportunity to set the bubbles free in a  review of the SodaStream Source in Blue Metal.

The Source Drinksmaker is the flagship model in the SodaStream range and was designed by the interior designer Yves Béhar. 
The Drinksmaker has an attractive, space-saving design that sits elegantly on any kitchen work top. It also features an LED interface to identify when your water is fully carbonated and an intuitive snap-lock bottle mechanism for effortless preparation. 

No SodaStream Drinksmaker is complete without a range of flavours to quench your thirst. Choose from over 50 specially formulated mixes, so you can make fresh soda, with 50% less sugar and carbs than leading (store bought) drinks. Make it the way you want, more or less bubbles, more or less sugar, it’s your choice! 

What’s more, by opting to use SodaStream it is estimated you will save the environment from around 1,000 bottles and cans over 1 year, so you can help to rid the world of plastic bottles.
Drinksmaker dimensions: Height 43 x Width 13 x Depth 26cm

First Impressions:
– Heavy Box
– Great Outer Packaging – Sealed up nice and cosy (reminded me of a laptop)
– Striking gorgeous Blue, I’m not usually a fan of Blue but it looked really nice
– Awesome design
– Once out the box lightweight

What we had included for the review
– Sodastream Machine
– Drinks Bottle
– Gas Canister
– 9 Soda Mix Sample Syrups
– Stevia Orange Syrups (light)
– My Water 2x Pomegranate & Orange 

I’ve heard of SodaStream but I’ve never actually been able to experience using the machine or tasting the actual flavours until my first every BritMums blogging convention – I am such fiend for fizzy drinks, so when I got accepted to review the machine I was over the moon.

At Britmums the lovely ladies from Sodastream gave us a run down of how to use the machine and a sample. The taste was so natural I was so shocked to know that they had such a similar to original can flavours but with half the added baddies. We were given these cute little bottles which are also available to buy from their online store. I can’t say I’m a fan of these little bottles to me they have no taste, I have a super sweet tooth. They are made to add a hint of flavour to your water.

I love the way you can choose from the bubble pressure. Minimal bubbles and makes your nose tingle bubbles by simply holding down the pressure valve. The light indicator lets you know how fizzy the drink will be – so its totally up to you.

We love our sodastream, really pleased with it. Since we got our SodaStream, there has been no cans lying around and we haven’t gone to the corner shop to by can/bottled drinks – HAHA to you Mr Corner Shop man. Sad I can’t say the same about chocolate minstrels.
I’ve been looking at where to buy other syrups from and there are a lot of places other then The SodaStream Website. I’ve noticed The Range, Argos and also eBay. If you are a fizzy drink lover then this would be perfect for you and you will save a bomb.

Have you tried SodaStream? What’s your favourite fizzy drink?

Where to find Soda Stream

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of a
review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my

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  1. Great review hun. I sing too when using mine hahaha!! xx