Hayden’s Allergy Test Update inc Blood Test

Hey everyone,
Gracing you with a personal post about Hayden’s allergy update following on from the Skin Prick Test & Blood Test he had at the end of July.

If you remember from my last post Hayden has a skin prick test for
Cows Milk, Hens eggs, Peanuts, Almond, Banana, Soya, Wheat, Hazelnut and Cashew. Out of the 9 tests he was allergic to 4

Cows Milk – 8
Almond – 6
Cashew – 3
Hens Eggs – 2

Feedback from the Dr, The results Of the skin prick test confirm cows milk protein allergy and that Hayden should continue on the Nutramigen 2 with additional dietetic support as we have been refereed back to the Dietitian. Because of the reactions I reported to them from Hayden in taking Wheat we have been advised to continue avoiding wheat although the Dr at the hospital (Allergist) suggest not to avoid gluten at this time.

Although there is no reaction to peanut and hazelnut there was sensitisation to almond and cashews. They discussed with me regarding cross contamination and whether she would want to introduced nuts considering my own nut allergy. I wouldn’t have a problem to this as I am always careful when it comes to nuts. I was advised that if I want to introduce the two I should give peanuts in the form of peanut butter & Hazelnuts in the form of nutella (no cross contamination of other nuts)
I just really scared they the test is wrong and he has a reaction.

Blood Test Results
Specific lgE (0-0.35)
Which means that anything between 0 and 0.35 is fine meaning no allergic reaction
Wheat 10.2
Egg (white) 18.4
Barley 1.45
Oat 1.42

So from what I can see he is clearly allergic to all things he was tested for but the Barley and Oats are very close to the allergy threshold. Its so hard not getting 100% answers to my questions, I was told that this could happen *sigh* Its just so frustrating. As long as I can keep his skin under control like I have been and no more infections – previously had 2 which I haven’t written about and I really should.

Plan of Action:
Re-fered back to the dieticians at Newham General Hospital to provide advice regarding diet.
Continue to avid dairy while also avoiding Almond and Cashew nuts.
Switching from the hydrolysed formula Soya has been advised & to give him baked eggs – not sure what the difference between eggs being baked or not. I will wait until I see the dietitian before I do that.

He will be retested in January in his follow-up appointment so I will let you guys know what happens there also.

Does your child suffer from allergies? How do you cope? 

Lotte xo 
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  1. I am looking for a clinic that preforms allergy testing in Richmond. Does anyone know of one?