Creating An Angelic Nursery For a Newborn

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Creating the proper atmosphere in a newborn’s nursery begins with simple designs and soft relaxing hues. Soothing sounds, natural light and subtle scents, such as lavender or vanilla, will round out the room, lending warmth, calm and security to the environment.

Furniture and accessories
The focal point of any nursery is the cot. Whether it is a vintage family heirloom or the latest design and model, there are some elements that should always be considered, including its shape, finish and durability. Another consideration with modern cots is whether to purchase a standard or convertible model, which grows with the child by transforming into a toddler bed and, in some cases, even the headboard of a twin-size bed.

Once the cot has been purchased, other pieces of furniture may be chosen that coordinate with it. A dresser and changing table are essential, as is a rocking chair or glider, a night stand or table and at least twice as much storage space as there are newborn items. Chests, cabinets and bookshelves are all possibilities. Many of these large pieces of furniture can be purchased as a set that includes a cot and many stores offer free delivery.

Accessories that will be needed in the nursery include a nappy bucket, hamper, clock, chair-side lamp, blinds or shades for the windows to regulate lighting and curtains that coordinate with the chosen linens. Pictures with quiet colours and pleasant images may be hung on the walls.

Choosing a colour palette
When choosing the colour palette for the nursery, it is important to consider the size of the room, the amount of natural lighting available, the gender of the newborn baby and any special features in the room.

A warm neutral, such as beige, brown or ivory make for a good base colour and add in splashes of colour that may be changed as the baby grows up. Blues encourage calming and relaxation, whereas purple is a little too stimulating; lavender, on the other hand, is a soothing choice and perfect for a newborn girl. Primary colours, such as blue, red and yellow, come together well and create an atmosphere reminiscent of a nursery classroom, but it is a good idea to tone them down, using them as accents with a neutral shade so that the newborn is not overwhelmed. Pastel yellow is a pleasant choice that is sunny yet not over-stimulating.

Nursery safety tips
It is important to secure dressers, changing tables, shelves and other furniture to the wall. While not a threat at the newborn stage, a toddling baby could pull furniture over, potentially causing serious injury. Attach them to the wall with either a nylon strap or an L bracket.

Ensure that the changing table or dresser top has safety straps to use during changing. An even safer option is to simply change the baby on the floor.
Before the newborn comes home, child-proof the room, cover electrical outlets, secure cords and ensure breakables are kept out of reach.

Be sure that cot slats are vertical and close together. A good rule of thumb is that if a drink can fit through the slats then they are too far apart.

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