Bring Back The 100% Mortgage Please!

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Moving to our own place is still in sight for us. Its just very far away at the moment. Until we come into so serious money all we can do is dream. Living in London wont be an option but Essex would be maybe just outside of the M25

I often think what it might be like to move out and buy our own place. Somewhere we can finally start our family properly. We live with my parents which is so ideal and my mum and dad wouldn’t want to get rid of us even if someone paid them (that how great I am) haha. But eventually the time will come where we will have our own front door. I have actually started looking at houses as they have said that house prices are on a low at the moment and property sales are rising, so I am keeping my eyes open to see what goodies are on the market.

Imagine we came into money and was able to buy our own place, that would be crazy. Moving with a toddler to top it off … Top Tips would help wouldn’t it – I’ve asked friends and family and here’s my top five. Hope they will help us on our move one day and hope it helps you too.

Tip One – Ask for help
This was my favourite one, I am always one to do things myself I say – I know its done right when I do it myself. I know I’m not alone on this one now am I? But asking for help in major situations is a must and I believe of all the tips this one is too.

Tip Two – Leave your toddler with a family member or friend
Totally understandable especially during the critical hours of filling up the removal van and unloading all the stuff into the new property. But I guess not everyone has family/friends nearby to lend a helping hand. If that is the case why not try a playpen and fill it with awesome new toys. That should keep them distracted for a while – Fisher Price have some great interactive toy and apptiviaty cases, perfect for your iPhone or iPad. Your little one can watch videos galore.

Tip Three – Pack slowly then the house doesn’t feel so empty to them
I really like this one, when we move my parents will still be here so this doesn’t really apply to us but if you are moving from one house to the next this is perfect to you. Kids are so aware of their surroundings – I know Hayden is very much an observer and susses places out first so he is very aware of what’s going on when we go out (takes after his mummy) so this makes perfect sense. You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed with what’s going on. But that doesn’t give you the right to keep unwanted buts and bobs why not sell cds/dvds/ipad online to de-clutter, are you really going to listen to that 5IVE album ever again?
Tip Four – Keep the same routine as much as possible
I know for us more then anything we would have to maintain the bedtime routine. You should try keeping things as much the same as possible to not disturb what they are used to. Unpack their room first maybe, so that you have all the bits and bobs you need and try and position the bed/cot in the same way as it was in the old house. I have also heard that cosleeping for a while to get them used to the new house helps too.
Tip Five – Make moving sound as exciting as possible
I try an involve Hayden in day to day life as much as possible as well as making things sound super exciting even if he closes the door without being told to or he put his shoes in the passage where they are meant to go, I always make a big deal so he knows it was a good thing. So showing him the move is exciting and fun should be a piece of cake. I find getting them involved and feeling special about something helps with development anyway.

Do you have any top tips on moving with a toddler?

Lotte xo 
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  1. Great tips, we’d love to buy our own house but its so expensive nowadays, we find renting is cheaper in the long run…obviously when we win the lottery it’ll be different ha.

    Also selling your stuff online is a great idea, every bit of money helps and it’s a great way to declutter as you said! Although I don’t think I could part with my Steps albums……


    • This made me chuckle! But you are totally right! Just waiting for that lottery win – just need make sure we play LOL
      PMSL Steps … The good old days 😀 xxx

  2. Fab tips hun, we’d love to be able to buy our own house but they’re so expensive in our area we’d never be able to afford it especially now with me not working and two boys to provide for. Think will be in rented accommodation a while longer yet! xxx