Brantano Answers Your Kids’ Shoe Fitting Questions

A little while back I asked if you guys had any questions for the Brantano experts about your little ones shoes following on from Hayden’s First Shoes post. Here are the answers by Brantano Kids’ Fitting Expert – Jenni Roberts.
Hope this helps 🙂

1. When should I buy my baby his/her first pair of shoes?
Before your baby is crawling or cruising pram shoes can be worn for warmth but once your baby is crawling they will need a crawling/cruising shoe to protect their feet. The shoes should be very lightweight and flexible with toe and heel protection to aid grip.

2. Is it okay to buy 2nd hand baby shoes?
It is always preferable to purchase new shoes as old shoes can mould to the shape of a foot. These should be fitted correctly by a trained fitter. Should you wish to buy 2nd hand shoes it is even more important to have them fitted correctly.

3. How will I know if the shoes are too small?
A baby’s foot is very soft and pliable so it is advisable to check for any pressure marks or indentations when removing shoes. You can also check the length by feeling the position of the toes at the end of the shoes.

4. Is the more expensive the shoe the better?
This is not necessarily the case; it is the fit of the shoe on the foot that is most important.

5. How long can I expect the shoes to last?
Podiatrists advise that pre-school, children’s feet should be measured every 6-8 weeks and then every 3-4 months after that. This reflects how quickly children’s feet can grow – but they tend to grow in spurts so they won’t necessarily need a new pair of shoes every time they get fitted.

6. Do baby shoes have to be made from leather?
Baby shoes do not necessarily need to be made from leather. As with leather, some synthetics are also breathable, which is a preferable material. However, other synthetics that are less breathable are fine providing they are not worn for prolonged periods, otherwise it can cause the feet to product more sweat.

7. What’s the most important thing to focus on when buying the first pair of walking shoes?
When choosing shoes you should consider the following aspects:
· close cropped soles to prevent tripping
· lightweight and flexible soles to aid walking development
· padded ankle collars for protection and support
· fully-adjustable fastenings

8. What’s the best way to measure my baby’s feet: at home or in a shoe shop?
It is always better to have your baby’s feet measured in a store by expertly trained staff. However, should you wish to measure at home you can buy a home fitting gauge and then carefully follow the online instructions, which can be found at

9. When is the right time to switch from pram shoes to hard soled walking shoes?
Pram shoes are worn before your baby is crawling, once they are crawling then crawling/cruising shoes, as above, are advised. Once your baby is walking then more structured shoes should be chosen to help provide stability and protection.

10. Does my baby need to wear shoes?
Barefoot is best – there is nothing better for young feet than walking barefoot as long as it is safe to do so.

Questions answered by Brantano Kids’ Fitting Expert – Jenni Roberts

Brantano’s top tips for buying your baby’s first shoes:
1. Check whether your baby needs shoes first. Are they starting to walk more? Do they need something to protect their feet? If so, then it is probably time to get them in a shoe.
2. Get their feet measured by an expert fitter.
3. Chose a pair of shoes that won’t get in their way, or hinder their development. Most cruising shoes on the market are perfect.
4. Keep checking their feet after wearing the shoes to make sure they are not causing sore spots or pressure points.
5. Take them back to get measured every 6-8 weeks, you could even mark this in your diary so it becomes part of your routine. You won’t need to buy a new pair every time you get measured, but you will have expert assurance that they are wearing the correct size.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to get a bit more information on buying your little ones shoes.

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