Back To School Giveaway – Kit The Kids Out With ASDA

I guess its time to start thinking about the kids going back to school, so hears some great bits you can pick up from your local Asda and awesome prices too.

1: Crayola 24pk Crayons – £0.94p
Unleash your little one’s creative side with these colourful crayons

2: Crayola Washable Markers 8pk

3: Crayola Pip Squeaks Mini Markers

4: Sharpie Pastel Markers 4pk – £2.00
Your everyday pen style permanent marker, perfect for writing and being creative.
Available in a wide selection of colours.
Free your creativity at home and stay organised in the office.
Excellent for marking cardboard, photo paper, corrugate, wood, metal, foil, stone, plastic leather and more.
Bright colourful ink leaves a permanent mark on most surfaces.
Fade and water resistant dye based ink.
Quick drying ink.
Xylene and Toluene free.
Colours Included: light blue, magenta, light green, aqua.

5: Hinkle Pritt Pink Glue Stick – £2.00
Vibrant pink glue stick. Applies and dries pink, which can help to improve gluing accuracy and bring an exciting new dimension to crafting. Pritt Pink is both safe and solvent-free ideal for gluing paper, cardboard and creating colourful collages. Indulge your creativity and imagination through crafting with our complete range of coloured Pritt Sticks.

6: Safe and Solvent Free Pritt – £2.00
Excellent quality glue stick with the highest initial tack for bonding paper, cardboards and photos. Henkel patented glue mass — made from 90% renewable ingredients.
Very long lasting — airtight cartridge prevents the glue from drying out. Pritt is also solvent free, washable at 30°C and is CE approved.
Pritt’s improved and smoother formulation means that fewer glue clumps are left behind on the page to allow a cleaner and more accurate application. This makes Pritt the ultimate sustainable glue stick!

7: Super Sticky Post-it Notes – £2.00
Post-it Super Sticky Notes
3 x Assorted
45 sheets
Use Post It’s to capture messages, telephone numbers, to-do items. Ideal for reminders, notes to others or even a quick list!

8: Sistema Quaddie in Pink – £4.00
Funky, stylish, compact yet spacious lunch box, the perfect size for school and work bags

Has 4 compartments, a large bottom section for Sandwiches or salads, 2 smaller snack compartments and 1 section which contains a drinks flask
BPA and lead free product
Freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe
A durable, quality product designed to last

9: Sistema Quaddie in Blue – £4.00
Funky, stylish, compact yet spacious lunch box, the perfect size for school and work bags

Has 4 compartments, a large bottom section for Sandwiches or salads, 2 smaller snack compartments and 1 section which contains a drinks flask
BPA and lead free product
Freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe
A durable, quality product designed to last

10: Superman Backpack – £7.00
This Backpack is illustrated with Superman, with a front pocket for those small bits. Your child will feel like a grown up with this brilliantly designed backpack. Includes handy side pockets! The adjustable back straps are padded for comfort. Keep all your belongings safe with this cool Superman backpack with pocket. Perfect for days out or back to school.

11: Princess Backpack – £7.00
This Backpack is illustrated with four Disney Princesses, with a front pocket for those small bits. Your child will feel like a grown up with this brilliantly designed backpack. The adjustable back straps are padded for comfort. Keep all your belongings safe with this beautiful Disney Princess backpack with pocket. Perfect for days out or back to school.

Competition Rules – Please complete the three mandatory entry’s then a round of optional extras will start, you do not have to complete any of these entries, they are just if you would like some extra points. The more points the better your chance of winning.Please check the full T&Cs at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK ONLY,

Giveaway Time

To be in with a chance of winning an Owl Pencil Case & Cupcake Stationary Set all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter entries below. The more you complete the better chances you have in winning.


Owl Pencil Case
Trend inspired monster design pencil case.
The print is very bright and bold using primary colours for great impact.
There is an owl shaped zipper fob attached to the zip head.andnbsp;andnbsp;
Fully lined body.
Perfect for carrying all your pens, pencils and stationery items.

Cupcake Stationary Set Slightly Different then Photo
This lovely set includes:
Circular pencil sharpener

2 pencils
2 highlighters (pink & purple)
The notebook is spiral bound with a softcover design using recycled paper.
Lotte xo 
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  1. Summer hols as it is nice to take the kids out – yes, it is more expensive, but no rushing to get up in the mornings for the school run!

  2. Summer holidays!


  3. Summer Holidays, as I love spending time with my kids and it’s lovely to have a break from the school run.

  4. I like both in their own way, but summer is nice to have no restrictions can go where u like with the kids, let them stay up late!

  5. Summer hols. My son is still too young for school but I see my 11 year old sister more throughout the summer holidays as we no longer live together.

  6. summer hols, OH off for 3 weeks & spend time with my boys

  7. Summer Holidays for me 🙂

  8. I would have to say summer holiday as my daughter just started primary one on Wednesday so not used to term time yet, Ask me this time next year and you might get a different answer lol x

  9. I love the relaxed summer holidays, much better because I work from home, so I can work and enjoy trips out juggling both. Its a shock when we have to get up and dressed and out before 8.30 when they return to school 🙂

  10. Summer Holidays as it is easier to see my grandchildren then.

  11. Summer Holiday as this means, picnics, beach trips, nature walks, paddling pool and ADVENTURE!
    K Meudell 🙂

  12. summer hols even though it is hard work!

  13. summer holidays, i could be shorter, but it great fun planning things with the gran children

  14. summer holidays , get to have so much fun with the kids. thanks for the chance to win this x

  15. Term time…cause I have less housework to do

  16. summer holidays are the best days of the year for me and my kids especially with the recent lovely weather

  17. summer holidays, more relaxing and fun and no rushing about in the morning 🙂

  18. summer holidays because I can have time with my beautiful grandchildren

  19. I prefer the Summer holidays, lazy mornings and less routine.

  20. Summer holidays as its great spending more time with the kids going on picnics and days out to the beach.

    claire matthews-curtis

  21. I prefer the Summer holidays because I can spend more quality time with the children.

  22. Summer holidays :- Sunny days out, ice-cream etc.

  23. summer time, I like to spend time at home with my kids x

  24. Summer holidays because I work in a school and I love the 6 weeks off

  25. Pam Francis Gregory

    Summer holidays – More to do!

  26. Summer Holidays, I love spending time with my kids

  27. It was term time before my son started school as places are always quieter to visit! But now I love the summer hols, that lovely long stretch of time together x

  28. Summer hold

  29. I like the holidays, time to spend time with my boys

  30. I love the summer holidays, lots going on, fab days out etc


  31. summer holidays, loads of lie ins lol

  32. Summer holidays – plenty of fun days out with my 2 favorite children!

  33. Summer holidays as the weather is nice 🙂

  34. Summer holidays, its great having children home

  35. summer holidays. I love spending time with my children

  36. I think term time as our Grace get to see more of her mates, than she does during summer holidays, she seems happier then.

  37. summer hols!!! Get to do lots of lovely outdoors things!

  38. summer holidays get to treat my son and also I work in a nursery so I get summer holidays too

  39. Good to see the Cupcake Set isn’t moving around!!

  40. As a Grandmother I see the boys more during the Summer holidays than term time.

  41. i love the summertime

  42. Summertime – I love family days out together!

  43. Summer holidays although I’m beginning to wish for a break for half hour!

  44. I love summer holidays because we dont have to get up so early!

  45. both 🙂 always nice to spend time with the kids but they aswell as me need that school break and interacting with friends

  46. I love summer holidays! Even better when it’s hot and sunny 🙂
    Gemma x

  47. summer holidays. no mad morning rush!

  48. I prefer the holidays: I’m a teacher and need the break!

  49. summer holidays, lots of fab time together and lay ins.

  50. Definately summer holidays !

  51. Summer holidays – long lazy sunny days

  52. Summer holidays- everything seems a bit more relaxed and its been fab that the sun has shone so much!

  53. Summer Holidays! more time for adventure

  54. summer hols, because there is more time to spend with the kids

  55. Summer holidays! More time to do things as a family 🙂

  56. Summer holidays, you are able to do far more with children and interact with your children

  57. i pefer the summer holidays i lv spending time with my kids as they are growing up way 2 fast

  58. I prefer the long summer holidays as it’s so nice to spend such a long time with the children without the hussle and bustle of everyday life and there are lots of opportunities to go out and have fun (as the weather is usually better!)

  59. I love the summer holidays. You get to spend a lot more time with the kids.

  60. Summer holidays, love spending time with my kids. They might drive me insane but will miss them when they return to school 🙁

  61. I like the holidays as we get to do fun things with the kids but 6 weeks is much too long

  62. Term Time!! I love to have a structured life when we are always on the go! To do that in the Summer holidays is often quite an expense…plus there is the long lie ins, Dinner at all times of the day and the kids saying they are constantly bored!!

  63. As a trainee teacher it has to be summer holidays!

  64. Summer hols, to spend precious time with your little ones

  65. Definitely summer holidays since I’m a teacher!

  66. Summer hols, definitely! No more hectic morning school runs, the kids are more relaxed and we can go out and do fun things! 🙂

  67. Term time- gives us more routine and there is always plenty of time on weekends and evenings to spend time with my bubbies!

  68. summer holidays definately get to have more time with the kids, longer lay ins and trips to see family members who dont live near

  69. Term times nice and quiet lol

  70. summer holidays because you have more time to go and visit family and see the kids as well

  71. Term time – my little ones aren’t at school yet, and we appreciate having parks and zoos all to ourselves!

  72. Summer Holidays so I get to spend more time with my sister 🙂

  73. i prefer term time. summer holidays drag too long and the kids get bored and irritable

  74. When I worked as a teacher, it was definitely the summer holidays but now I like both for different reasons. Term time as places are quieter to visit and often less expensive; summer holidays for the better weather (most of the time!) and a chance to lie in and be more relaxed.

  75. Its got to be the summer holidays so i can spend precious quality time with my son during the term times after school you dont get the same time that you do in the holidays

  76. Summer holidays. My son is so much happier

  77. Summer hols, i love having my son at home x

  78. Summer holidays for great family time

  79. a bit of both love my little darlings and doing fun things but always relieved when school starts up again

  80. I love the routine of school term time and I also work part time in a school which I really love – being able to help a child to achieve their potential is so rewarding. I also love school holidays so I can get a few extra minutes in bed each morning and then spend precious time with my own kids.

  81. I love the summer holidays, because the roads are quieter on a morning run to work 🙂

  82. Definately School holidays, I adore spending quality time with my 3 Lovely kiddies !! and a added bonus that I am a Special Needs Teaching Assistant, so get the holidays off too !! YAY X

  83. Definately the Summer holidays as I get to spend quality time with my 3 fabulous kiddies, added bonus is that I’m a Special Needs Teaching Assistant so get the holidays off too 🙂 X

  84. Summer holidays are what dreams are made of!

  85. Summer holidays as we go camping, can lie in and the nights are longer 🙂

  86. great prize

  87. summer holidays

  88. summer holidays so I can spend more time with my kids and go on lots of day trips

  89. Summer hols! Went abroad

  90. Summer holidays, extra time with the bambinos is sooo precious

  91. Summer holidays, extra time with the bambinos is always sooo precious

  92. Summer holidays so that we can enjoy time as a family doing fun stuff in the sun

  93. Term time – everythings back to normal and I don’t have to worry so much about childcare.

  94. Victoria thurgood

    Summers Holidays i love the fact that i can jump in the car and take the kids anyway without any worry of needing to be back for something

  95. I don’t have any children so it makes no difference to me.

  96. Term time as everywhere is quieter during the daytime.

  97. Both 🙂 but then my son hasn’t started school yet and I love paying cheap holiday prices 🙂

  98. Summers holidays…l lay ins… Fun days out and in and lots of family time! Making the most of it before my girls are teenagers and don’t want to hang around with me any more 😉

  99. Summer holidays,less rushing about and more fun!

  100. Summer Holidays our kids started back school this week and it feels like i dont see them by the time they get in do homework/dinner then its time to start the bedtime routine :/

  101. Term time, I spend more time with my kids when they are at school as i work during the day so do not see them or get to go on outings during holidays.

  102. The summer holidays. I spent this morning slobbing out in my PJs and cuddling my little girl while we watched a film.

  103. @QM2fan

  104. I just LOVE summer holidays. No rushing in the mornings, we can all have fun together as a family and every day is an adventure. Cycling, beach visits, rock pooling, camping, gardening, picnics, paddling pool, baking, colouring, late night movies etc.