We’re Off To A&E Asthma or Viral Induced Wheeze?!

We’ve had some really amazing weather lately and little man has been enjoying it, we all have but a sudden change in the weather always makes my body go funny in a way in which it doesn’t adjust properly and I come down with a cold. It seems like the same thing happened to my little Caterpillar. 

Friday I noticed Hayden started having a running nose which very quickly developed into a chesty cough. By Saturday evening and then night you could see he was getting worse. He was waking up every half hour to an hour coughing and slightly wheezing then crying because it effected him so much – made me so sad.
By the morning the wheeze was so much more noticeable. I’ve been an asthmatic from the age of two so to hear my baby boy wheezing was so worrying. Having him lay on me and struggle to breath I knew it was time to take him to A&E I couldn’t wait till Monday to see if I could get an appointment (not garenteed) to see the GP.
I don’t know if this is only me or if this happens to all asthmatics when you hear or see someone struggling to breath it makes your chest tighten… That’s how I felt. Made me feel like I knew exactly what he was going through at the same time.
We got to Newham General Hospital and waited in A&E for a short while surprisingly (It was the quickest we have ever been seen – thank god). 
He’s stats were taken weighing in at  9.88kg & saturating at 100% on air which was perfect so I knew his lungs were all right.
We waited to see the Dr who gave him the Diagnosis of Viral Induced Wheeze and prescribed him with the reliever (blue) inhaler Salbutamol – This is used to open up airways and allow him to breathe more easily and relieves his symptoms.
The Nurse issued the first two doses which were 10 puffs for 10 seconds. He fought every second of it way screamed the place down. He’s such a strong boy so it was such a struggle – Rovi had to hold him down poor things just cried and screamed away.
We had to wait 30 mins between each session to monitor his breathing, which got better with every breath he took of the inhaler
By the time the Dr though it was OK to take Hayden home he had perked up and was in high spirits. He wanted to run around but I was really trying to avoid it.

Our Plan of action 
10 puffs for 10 seconds every 5 hours for 24 hours
8 puffs for 10 seconds every 5 hours for 24 hours
6 puffs for 10 seconds every 5 hours for 24 hours 
4 puffs for 10 seconds every 5 hours for 24 hours 
He’s doing a lot better but still gets the wheeze so it’s only helping for a short time. Just makes me what to hope him so tightly. He’s still a little monster though so he’s back to his normal self just wheezy.
We have an appointment on 29th July 2013 to see the allergist so I will update you on that one as well.

Lotte xo 
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  1. Poor little guy! It is so hard when our babies don’t feel good! Thoughts and prayers for your little one.

  2. poor thing :-(. it’s always horrible taking your baby to hospital and not knowing what will happen. glad you have an action plan x