Sainsbury’s Back Tu School Passes The Test

I am actually dreading the day my baby boy is old enough to go to school. I get separation anxiety every time I leave him to go anywhere for over 2 hours. Rovi always asks me if I’m OK.
Thinking about buying him his school uniform is even more daunting but its great to see that there are so many different options available.

It must be hard to find great quality that lasts long. Especially with playground games like football and tag to dance-offs, the little ones are constantly on the move. I know I was – bit of a tomboy into football HAHA

I know the Summer Holidays have only just begun but I must also be time to at least start thinking about the new school terms uniform.

Here are selection of pupils with a passion for dancing. They were chosen to put Sainsbury’s school clothing through its paces, to find out more about what school uniforms really need to withstand.
The result? A fun, light-hearted dance-off video with school children showcasing their most impressive moves in the playground – bringing to life the uniform’s durability and quality.

Launched last week by Tu at Sainsbury’s, the surprising tongue-in-cheek, video features internet sensation, B Girl Terra. With over five million hits on YouTube, the six year-old breakdancer from Wolverhampton, was recently flown out to the US by TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres to appear on her popular entertainment show. 
From a difficult upside-down split leg windmill move, a slick knee slide and a super impressive head spin, the video is sure to keep you entertained! The high quality, great value uniforms have been tested up to five times the industry standard, offering a full range of school clothing that can withstand the wear and tear of daily activities and stay stronger for longer. 
I could imagine Mums and dads would save a lot of time all term long with an easy-care school uniforms. Non-iron shirts (I hate ironing), Perfect Crease™ trousers and permanent-pleat skirts mean less time will be spent ironing, which means no more racing against time to get clothes dry and the kids ready on Monday mornings. 
Tu at Sainsbury’s is committed to making Back to School easier for everyone. To find out more information on their Back to School range

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