QuinnyCaster 2013 – Quinny Moodd Urban Brands

Are you a big-brand believer, or a boutique-y buyer? Do you grab a hazelnut latte at Starbucks, or a soy mocha from the independent coffee cart on the corner? Big letters across your chest, or only local labels? This week, show us your love for brands, big and small (besides Quinny).
Quest: Upload at least 3 photos of your favourite brands, from fashion to food.

Now this weeks task was a hard one for me – Only uploading 3 photos of my favourite brands was such a hard thing to do. Obviously I couldn’t only upload 3 I kind of went over board.
I am a fend when it comes to brands and designer gear. I wasn’t always like this I think its since I met my other half has my love for brands changed.
My Top 6 brands

Fisher Price
Absolutely love fisher price for the educational toys. We have just been sent four toys to review and couldn’t be more happier. No I they were not for me to review, they were for Hayden – We had a very interactive breakfast that morning.
You can never go wrong with Zara, top quality designer wear. Women’s, Men’s and Children – Picked myself up a cute little boy, he was rather expensive but TOTALLY worth it
Maxi Cosi Elea
Yes I know this is a Quinny Page but you have to give props when props are due – I can not for the life of me fault the Moodd but I love how the Elea frame folds down really nicely into the boot of my car.

The sun is now out and shining ever so bright so we are loving the awesome brand ZooBug. Really cute stylish sunglasses for kids in different shapes and sizes.

Gorgeous beachwear that we absolutely love, Hayden’s only worn it in the garden but we are off on holiday in November so he will get to test it out on the beach too.

We are cloth butts, but clearly someone forgot to tell my dad they are not swimming pants – no matter how much they look like them. Didnt have the heart to tell him to get Hayden out of the pool with them on so I let him in there with them on. No harm done LOL they do look pretty darn awesome in the water though.

Lotte xo 
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