QuinnyCaster 2013 – Quinny Moodd Trip Around Town

Task 11
This week it’s time to conquer the city! Pick a destination at the other side of town and take your little one there in the Quinny Moodd. On the way, document the journey like stairs, busy streets, cramped subway trains and other obstacles. No worries, your Quinny will get you there!

We took a trip to the to Hackney, Dalston to be exact and my parents came too. They love to go out and about with their freedom pass haha so I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to join them while we complete a task.
Our journey consisted of walking, two tube trains, stairs, rain and loads of people out shopping in the highstreet.

We ventured off nice and early down the very wide streets of East London. I don’t usually have much problems when it comes to our streets and pavements so there was no problem there at all. Unlike when we we’re in Barbados… No pavement and a semi wide (not the Quinny) buggy was scary, I wonder what it will be live this year. But clearly we don’t have to worry about that here as there is a tons of pavement and space.

We tend to come to this bus stop a lot when we go out so we know where the bus stops roughly. Waiting close to where the doors open is what I love to do. As you can see, not too close to the pavements edge and there is still room for people to pass by. 
The bus arrived and just out luck, it was packed so the pushchair needed to be folded down. I think if I was by myself I would have panicked or waited for another bus hoping it was empty. The thought of taking Hayden out folding the pushchair down, getting him on the bus and then fiddling with everything would have given me anxiety. But thank goodness my parents were there to help me. I was able to close the pushchair in a flash and lift it up onto the pushchair/baggage area. I was extremely chuffed with myself. The Moodd cooperated with me and it wasn’t too heavy to lift up onto the pushchair/baggage area.

Once at the station stop I took the Quinny Moodd off the allocated area and with one hand was able to open it back up – Peace of cake (One of my favourite features)
East Ham tube station has a lift to get from street level to the platform so its perfect and comes in really handy, I wish all tube stations where like this. Once on the district line train there is a pushchair/wheelchair area so we just fitted the Moodd into there like we usually do. When then reached Whitechapel tube station there was no lift and tons of stairs to change platforms and continue our journey. If I was by myself I would have to ask someone to help us get to where we were going – I haven’t had to do this much but when I do people have been very kind in giving me a helping hand. But because mum and dad were with me I took Hayden out and he walked up and down the stairs with my mum while I carried the pushchair Once on the 2nd tube train the pushchair fit nicely in the corner by the door and there was still plenty of room for people to get on and off the tube.

At Dalston, there was a lift which took us up to street level and once out of the station we met the crowed of people. The pushchair was on the swivel front wheel as it always is. So much easier to move around the streets and shops that way. Because the pushchair isn’t wide nor is it long I had no problems with moving around people on the high-street. 
The main problem I found was around the shops, when we went into them. Most of them are small and not buggy friendly so I stood outside most of the time especially with the back wheels, they tend to get in the way most of the time.

On the way home it started to rain, so I used the rain cover. I really like that cover it doesn’t steam up like the rest and I think Hayden was super cosy and managed to fall asleep (he never does that). The wheels in the rain are pretty decent too. I always find that most journeys are pretty simple when I take London transport to go places. 

When you go out around your city what are the main obstetrical that you face with your pushchair?

Disclosure: We took part in the Quinny Caster testing program 2013 for purpose of taking part in the
tasks we were given the Quinny Moodd. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my
Lotte xo 
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