QuinnyCaster 2013 – Quinny Moodd Inspiration

What’s your favorite hangout: the place you would most often be found if life wasn’t so darn busy? Take us to that inspiring spot. Does the flower market make you feel romantic? Could you lose yourself for hours in the modern art museum? Take your Moodd and your little one for a stroll down memory lane.

Quest: Make a collage of photos of the Quinny Moodd in those wonderful places.

We are drawing closer to the end with the Quinny Casters. This has been such an amazing experience and I have loved every single minute about it.

The Quinny itself is such a brilliant pushchair not only to look at but functions and features. As you can see from the collage about its got us out and about and seeing parts of our city that we have taken for granted and believe it our not most places we visited were absolutely FREE.
When working from Home you don’t really get out much hense the name working from home but being able to venture out with our Quinny has been so much fun. At first I was very sceptical with how the pushchair operated because of the big back wheels but now I’m a pro. Its glides so smoothly thought the supermarket, and shopping centres. Getting the pushchair on and off the tube and train were fine & people tend to help you when prompted HAHA.
The look and feel of the pushchair is stylish and classy somewhat futurestic looking. Absolutely love it when people compliment it and say how cosy Hayden looks in it.

What do you think about the Quinny Moodd?

Disclosure: We took part in the Quinny Caster testing program 2013 for purpose of taking part in the
tasks we were given the Quinny Moodd. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my
Lotte xo 
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