QuinnyCaster 2013 – Quinny Moodd Expert Review

Congratulations! After four months of test-driving your Quinny through the most challenging indoor and out- door situations, you’ve become a local expert. You should get a large trophy. At the very least, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your free stroller was well-earned. You deserve to take a break. But first…

Quest: Share your Quinny experience and the story of how you made it through thick and thin, on a popular review site

First of all I would like to say thank you to the wonderful people at Quinny for giving us this awesome opportunity to test out one of the most sort after pushchairs on the market – Thank you!!
You have put us though our paces and given us some seriously amazing tasks to test run the pushchair. Emails where on time, follow ups were perfect and you were ALWAYS there to give us a helping hand if need be. Totally felt welcome and part of the Quinny Team – YOU ROCK!
Second of all its been a absolute pleasure using the pushchair and I will be using it for a long time coming.

The Quinny Mood also known as The Majestic Stroller
Pure poetry in motion! Packing style and smart features like one-touch automatic unfolding, the compact and complete Quinny Moodd stroller offers you the flexibility to zip around the city. Go where your Moodd takes you today and every day!

Moodd specifications
Type stroller/ pushchair
Age of child birth to 3½ years
Weight max 15kg

What the Quinny Mood has to offer

 As you all know, I absolutely love doing reviews and this has been the best one so far. A whole 4 months of taking part in awesome challenges, learning about my city and test driving such an awesome product.

We received the Quinny Mood in a glorious Red Revolution, its like they knew my favourite colour. It came just after Hayden 1st Birthday so it was like a birthday present for him. I was so excited to receive the pushchair and put it together – I had quite a fun time trying to get the box open.
Have a look at the video if you missed it.

Putting it together was pretty easy too. Didn’t take long at all *Advice* read the instruction book, the hood and the TBar are tricky if you don’t.
First Impressions:
– Looks expensive
– Fanatic design
– Cosy
– Big back wheels
– Small shopping basket
– Award handlebars 
– Heavier then what I’m used to (Maxi Cosi Elea)
It was really easy to use the pushchair when out and about. We have been on all types of ground and not yet had a flat tire! I was really worried that we would have had one by now but touch wood – Those tires are very sturdy.
Foward facing and rear facing was a big deal for me 4 months ago Hayden was still really little in my eyes so I needed him facing me, only more recently I’ve turned him forward facing to see the word and he absolutely loves it. The TBar comes in really hand too for attaching toys to.

Likes and Dislikes:

The seat is very simple but with padding and very comfy. The seat cover is attached by snaps so very easy to come off and put back on again.
Ever heard of a pushchair that unfolds automatically, now you have and its so awesome! With just a single flip the pushchair easily springs back up – not too fast, not too slow, but with a certain style and coolness about it haha

Love the sun canpi, the actually shape makes it look amazing! So in love with the whole Quinny Moodd design! The designer gets a high five for sure. Hayden isn’t so much a fan of the hood he knows how to push it back so he can see – Such a nosey boy. 
Hayden is a fan however of the TBar, absolutely loves this and so do I. He’s always holding it, even more now that his in the forward facing position. 

I was really weary of the back wheels, they were so big compared to our last pushchair, I miss judged the wheels on the bus and came in through the front and got stuck but now I’m a pro and venture in through the back doors. I have gotten used to them and don’t actually find them that big any more. Love the fact that they come off also otherwise I would have never been able to fit it in my small car.

The colour is so nice, the perfect shade of red not to dark and bright enough to stand out – I felt like such a show off pushing around in such a lovely pushchair. No word of a lie, Hayden and the pushchair always get complimented when we go out.

The complementary foot muff, cup holder and sun umbrella were a right added bonus. The foot muff came in time for our early morning trip to Legoland and it came in so handy too for our journey there and back it was chilly. Baby boy stayed so warm (thank you)

Out of everything there were only two things that didn’t tickle my fancy

Shopping Basket was really disappointing, way too small. I see why they made it that small, to fit in with the design – minimal and space but a decent shopping basket is a must. Even if there isn’t a decent sized shopping basket maybe something on the handle bars for you to hang bags off is a plus. 
Brakes, they’re really difficult and often hard to put on or take off. Anti scuff breaks would be awesome and give it that extra edge. I also noticed if the breaks are not put on properly only one while would actually be stopped while the other will still roll. 
Our Quinny Moodd Journey Over The Last Four Months

I am so over the mood we got to take part in this. The pushchair is durable, easy to move around, extremely easy on the eye. Myself and Hayden absolutely love it. I have and will continue to recommend the Quinny Moodd to my friends, family and anyone who asks about it. I have now used 3 bands of pushchair and this is my favourite by far.
Where to find Quinny

Disclosure: We took part in the Quinny Caster testing program 2013 for purpose of taking part in the
tasks we were given the Quinny Moodd. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my

Lotte xo 
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