Kattoo Kids Safety Tattoos for Holidays and Festivals

Kattoo Kids Safety Tattoos

We were given the awesome opportunity to test out and review the new Kattoo temporary tattoo. Kattoo provided us with a sample in our Britmums bag from the event and I was lucky enough to get send some too. What more could you ask for? Kattoo Kids Safety Tattoos in awesome colours.

Kattoo Kids Safety Tattoos
Simple but it really works. Pop a Kattoo on your child’s arm, write your number in the space provided with the special Kattoo pen and your’re all set. If your child get lost then they can point to the number on their Kattoo and ask someone to call you.
Each packet comes with 6 phone number tattoos
What do you get in the packet?
Coloured tattoos – Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green & Pink
Black Special marker pen
Soft sponge

First impressions:
– Fun
– Colour
– Clever
– Extremely Straight forward

“Our Eureka moment came watching our kids having fun with temporary tattoos – and the idea of Kattoo was born.”

I have yet to lose Hayden, I say yet because we go out a lot and he is very quick on his feet (understatement) he’s still at that age where he thinks he can out fun me – he’s pretty fast but just not fast enough. We went to Legoland a few weeks ago with my Godson who is two and loves to venture off – we actually couldn’t find him for about 5 mins but it felt like such a long time and my heart nearly came out of my mouth looking for him. Thank God he was found and was only a short distance from us – he was actually wearing a paper wrist band – His mum is so organised she’s is sooo handy when we go out (Love her). 
The paper wrist bands are good but these colourful tattoos are so much more creative. Hayden wasn’t too fussed about having it on, I think maybe because he is yet too young to understand – but I gave a packet to my best friend for my God son and he absolutely loved them – He is a very smart little boy! Who loves to ask why about everything so explaining it to him was fun I’m sure haha

Trying it on Hayden was a piece of cake, I was a little worried that he wouldn’t stay still for me but he just wanted to see what I was doing. Hayden has eczema so he is always creamed head to toe. I wiped the cream off of the part of the arm I wanted to apply the temporary tattoo to and then applied it as instructed on the back of the tattoo.
Once applied I was able to put his cream back on over it and also suntan lotion. It lasted the whole day and washed off in the bath.

Kattoo Kids Safety Tattoos
Kattoo Kids Safety Tattoos
Price: A pack of 6 £5.99 or choose single colours for £1
I think its a great idea for kids aged 2 plus because they will understand more and find it a lot of fun. 
It was super easy to apply and the design is cute – would be interesting to find out if more designed are planned for the future.
Really easy to remove and safe on super sensitive skin like Hayden.
Kattoo’s are available to buy from their website
Where to find Kattoo
Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of a
review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my
Until next time … Lotte xo 
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  1. samantha_ripley

    such a great idea

  2. These look like loads of fun.

  3. These are very, very clever! The kiddies will love wearing them & you can pop your number on & feel safer with them wearing it. I love them xx

  4. Fab ideas, thank you 🙂

  5. I tried them but it’s very difficult to write your phone number on as they are quite small and my kids don’t sit still so it just ended up an unreadable mess

  6. I tried them but it’s very difficult to write your phone number on as they are quite small and my kids don’t sit still so it just ended up an unreadable mess