Let’s Have Fun In London Town?

Hi everyone,
Hope you’ve all been enjoying the amazing weather we’ve been having. We certainly have … Can you tell by the lack of blog posts? Also been in the process of getting Port Avenue sorted too, coming along nicely but slowly – fingers crossed we will be launched very soon. Would love to know what everyone else has been up to. If you are struggling for things to do I have some events to share with you.

Did you know you can take your little one to the cinema with you to watch a movie?
Picture House Stratford East have an awesome clubs for you to join.
Big Scream Club: This club offers films which are exclusively for parents with babies under the age of one year old. You can enjoy the latest releases from their regular programme accompanied by baby in a safe and comfortable environment. What more could you ask for.

The Next Show: Monsters University 2D [U] – Tuesday 16th July 2013 @ 11AM

When Hayden was under one, I would tend to get really bored and I wasn’t aware that my local cinema provided this awesome service. I would absolutely go when I have number two (whenever that comes). 

The fact that they provide Low lighting so you can still see what’s going on and they have nappy changing facilities. 

Plus about the cinema, great staff, awesome management & the popcorn is so lush. Don’t forget to checkout the bar while you’re there they sell lovely soft drinks other then the average fizzy pop. **FACT I used to work there, they didn’t have Big Scream then.
N.B. These screenings are for parents and babies only. No baby, no entry. All attendees are required to join the Big 
Scream Club with the exception of Stratford Picturehouse, London, The Cameo and The Belmont Picturehouse.
Never underestimate what you can find at the library.
The British Library has such a great  free drop in event happening Saturday 13th July 2013

11AM – 4:30PM
The Full English Discovery Day is a folk-flavoured day for all the family.
Exciting activities on the day – Create, Dance, Make Music, Sin, Look and Listen and a Grand Finale where you can take part in an English Procession & Ceilidh.
The weather is going to be amazing so this would be awesome fun.
N.B. Please note that some activities are weather dependant.
There are some other activities going on during the day which are free but require tickets to be booked:

Great event for adults also from The British Library: Propaganda Exhibition
Babies are discovering space too, yes you heard me right.
Children’s Story Centre Discover are offering your little ones the chance to venture off into space to venture among the stars with their Story Builder.
Sing along and while you and your little on take a ride in a rock among the stars.
This short storytelling session involving nursery rhymes and songs is especially for parents, carers and toddlers to enjoy together. 
You’ll be back on earth after 20 – 30 minutes. 

School Term Time (Tue 4 June – Thu 25 July and Tue 10 – Fri 27 September)
Weekdays Tue – Fri 11am, 1.45 & 3pm
Weekends Sat – Sun 11.30am

School Holidays (Mon 27 – Fri 31 May and Fri 26 July – Fri 6 September)
Weekdays Mon – Fri 11:00am
Weekends Sat – Sun 11.30am

N.B. Age 0-3

What events do you love in London, Anything coming up or ongoing? We’d love to hear about it.

Lotte xo 
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  1. There’s always so much going on in the cities especially London but here in the countryside if you don’t organise it you can guarantee that it’s not going to happen!

  2. I wish someone would do one of these posts for activities in Bristol – I might have to get busy myself! Great idea!

  3. Shame I dont live closer to London, theres always fab stuff going on but cant afford the travel or congestion charges 🙁

  4. There are so many great things on these days! Don’t forget to check out what’s on at your local library too. They often have free things on for kids 🙂

  5. Dying to see monsters u!

  6. Looks great! I love London just such a hassle with young kids 🙁

  7. Movie theater memberships sound like such a great idea – I wish we had it in the US! I’d definitely go see more movies if we did.

  8. Lovely! Would love to bring the kids to London – I’ve only ever been once myself when I was young.

  9. I haven’t been to London for ages.

  10. Wish I could take Sophia to the movies. Can’t wait til she’s older.

  11. this is a great post! I’m inspired to find events/activities like this around our area to post about.

  12. This post inpires me to make something productive with my life. Thanksss 🙂

  13. Looks like a great day out! I live too far unfortunately!

  14. Looks like a great day out! I live too far unfortunately!

  15. I hate London in the heat! But hopefully will venture in in the summer hols!

    Laura H

  16. London is fantastic and it is also a great travel hub to get to just about any other European destination on the cheap

  17. Well …the new generation call London the Capital of the Universe! So I’ve heard…I think is a very beautiful place where everything happens ALL THE TIME!!!

  18. the British Library is basically my favorite place ever! I love it, haha.

  19. Lollibop is coming up soon, really hoping to go to that. But london parks are all you need for children – the payground in kensington Gardens followed by a trip round the museums is a great day out!

  20. anthony harrington

    I haven’t been into the centre of London for years, looks like lots of summer events on this year.

  21. Ah, I love London. Meet soon?xxx

  22. We’ve been having good weather here too, thank goodness. A little rain, but nothing too bad.

    I’m visiting today from the Friday Chaos hop. Thanks for hosting.

  23. Mike@ Removal and storage Bristol

    The Proms are an annual celebration of classical music. Situated mostly in the breathtaking Royal Albert Hall, with other events held in Hyde Park and Cadogan Hall, going ‘promming’ really is an experience like no other.

  24. Undoubtedly ‘the city of London festival’. Lots of people will be moving to this festival in this July.

  25. i am soo waiting for the movie 🙂

  26. great if you stay near by!

  27. Rebecca Phillips

    there’s naff all in belfast! i love london – havent been in about 4 years. would love to go back!

  28. some really great option, thank you!

  29. There is always something to do in London. I am glad we are only 40 miles away 😉

  30. Too far for me, but a great post!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Looks entertaining.

  33. I LOVE the idea of taking your baby to the movies with you. I wonder if you can do that here in Northern Ireland! I’ll certainly be looking into that! Thanks for sharing such an informative post! x

  34. Wonderful idea for London living, we have something similar in Leeds & Wakefield. You need to be inventive for the school holidays so Parks swimming baths etc come in very very handy.

  35. The stream club is a great idea, think I will suggest something similar to or local cinema manager.

  36. Great post,thanks so much for sharing these fab ideas!


  37. Fab post! lovely to see some places still run things in holidays for children- with us living in the middle of no where up north- everything stops during the holidays, even government run activities, awful!

  38. I live in the north east but this is good inspiration to check out things local to me. I know some cinemas near us run ‘newbie’ sessions for parents with babies. Great idea!

  39. We try to get to London as often as possible. So many great things to do.

  40. We love London but dont go so much nowadays since my illhealth, but we plan to go and see newer sites and family there as soon as things are a bit easier. Will be so exciting 🙂

  41. great for anyone living locally

  42. I’m in luton so not to far away 🙂

  43. This would be ace if it wasn’t so far away!

  44. I love London just a bit daunting with young ones.

  45. Never been to London before! looks like a nice trip 🙂

  46. hoping to take the children to london soon,as so much to see and do

  47. I’ve only been to London once but loved it. Would love to go again and might try the british library next time

  48. London is far too hectic for me, my sister lives there. Give me the good old Pembrokeshire countryside any day!

  49. only ever been to London once when I was a kid,live in Birmingham so must organise a day trip

  50. I dread the thought of taking my 2 year old to London!

  51. Thank you for reminding me of the British Library; I haven’t been there for years.

  52. London sounds like such a fun time! I wish I could visit sometime

  53. that’s the one good thing about living in London, there are always loads of free activities for the whole family!

  54. Been there, done that, london is unfriendly, crowded and overrated. 🙂
    Plenty of nicer places to visit in england and wales.

  55. Going to the zoo in a couple of weeks

  56. going to london in about a month, can’t wait….

  57. i saw monsters university today its one awesome film xx London is too far for me im in Devon and it costs the earth to get there.

  58. I love London,I’m lucky enough to go there a lot as I don’t live that far away,there is always so much to see and do

  59. My son works in London and he says it is soooo hot there this week. Hope you managed to keep cool.

  60. Off to London in October, can’t wait 🙂

  61. There’s always so much happening in Central London; if only the Tube wasn’t so ridiculously expensive!

  62. Going to London for a few days in August, going to be so much fun.

  63. Great post, fab ideas for a days out in London 🙂

  64. always worth checking out whats going on at your local library, they have lots of things in the summer

  65. I love visiting London

  66. Fab

  67. i love these types of fimls

  68. Elizabeth Williams

    Makes me wish I could afford a trip to London

  69. sounds like great fun!

  70. I’m really glad I found this as I am a Londoner. Lots of great ideas.

  71. The British Library is amazing for the building alone

  72. in the midlands there is absolutely NOTHING interesting like that apart from a few weeks in summer. Hope you really enjoy it all x

  73. fun things and educational too!