Hayden’s Toddler Hospital Allergy Test To Help Control His Eczema

As you may know Hayden has suffered from food allergies since the age of 4 months, we had to rush him to A&E when we tried him on SMA & he started getting blotches and threw up all the milk.
Well yesterday we finally got to see an allergists after fighting so hard to actually be seen by a specialist. So yesterday was bitter-sweet for us really and here’s our story on our toddler hospital allergy test to help control his eczema.

We got to the The Royal London Hospital and baby boy had his stats taken 
Weight: 10.3KG 
Height: 81.0CM 
Then waited to see the Dr. They had CBeebies on so Hayden was watching ZingZillas and played with the other kids. 

Toddler Hospital Allergy Test

We were then called in to see the Dr asked me the regular questions about what creams he’s on and what he usually eats.
We then went into what he doesn’t eat
– Milk
– Eggs
– Wheat
– Gluten
– Nuts
– Bananas
– Soya
So the Dr decided to test him on the above with a skin prick test

Skin prick test 
A skin prick test is usually the first test to be done when looking for an allergen. It’s quick, painless and safe, and you get the results within about 20 minutes. Your skin is pricked with a tiny amount of the suspected allergen to see if there’s a reaction. If there is, the skin around the prick will very quickly become itchy, and a red wheal will appear. 
Toddler Hospital Allergy Test
Toddler Hospital Allergy Test
Toddler Hospital Allergy Test

Hayden was not a happy bunny when it was taking place but the nurse conducting the test was so lovely even though Hayden did not want the test done! He’s screamed and wiggled something awful.

Once the test was completed we had to wait for the outcome so they showed us a DVD on controlling eczema – pretty decent DVD and modern for a change! I would be more than happy to share all the information I got from there with you guys.

Toddler Hospital Allergy Test
Toddler Hospital Allergy Test

 While waiting you could clearly see where on his arm he was getting irritated.

Toddler Hospital Allergy Test

Toddler Hospital Allergy Test

Dr’s conclusion from skin prick test:
Allergic to 
– Milk
– Egg
– Almond
– Cashew

Not allergic to
– Wheat
– Peanuts
– Hazelnut
– Banana
– Soya

Strange right, I was so convinced that he had an allergy to Wheat/Gluten. The Dr informed me that the Wheat test they have is very basic so he wanted to give Hayden a blood test to investigate more.

Blood test
The blood test used to test for allergens is called a specific IgE test (formally known as the RAST test). It’s used to measure the number of IgE antibodies in your blood that have been produced by your immune system in response to a suspected allergen. 

So with the bloods he would be tested for Wheat & all grains. I didn’t think about any other grains at all.
After the Dr had finished with us he sent us to have a blood test and he wanted to see us again within 6 months – Next appointment January 2014 (seems like such a long time away)
In he mean time we will be referee back to Newham General Hospital under the dietician (not very helpful by the way – but that’s a different story)
Bloods was such a nightmare poor baby was scared and scream before the phlebotomist but he did a pretty good job as he took 3 bottles, wasn’t very friendly though so I’m not surprised that baby boy was scared.

Toddler Hospital Allergy Test

Mummy Genius and her Breakthrough!
We took a trip to Sainsburys on the way home but didn’t buy too much because Whitechapel Underground Station has no lift so we take Hayden out and mum carries him & I carry the pushchair … The Quinny Moodd is not one of the lighter pushchair lol

I was wrecking my brain thinking about the culprit of Hayden’s flare ups after eating wheat based foods. So I went and found the four products that he had that caused the extreme flare.

– Bread Sticks
– Organix 7 grain cereal, 7months+
– Wheatabix 

The common factor Wheat…. Other than wheat was BARLEY!!!
I have come to the conclusion that Hayden is actually allergic to Barley and not Wheat or Gluten!
This will either be confirmed or declined in a few weeks time after we get the results of the blood test.

Overall I think we had a very successful and productive day. Hayden had toast for a snack in the evening – Hovis 50/50 and was absolutely fine and is today too. Really anxious to find out the rest of the results.

Will keep you guys updated!

Has your child ever had an allergy test? Would love to know.
Until Next Time Charlotte x
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