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Hi everybody! My name is Danielle and I run a vintage blog called Vintage Inspired where I talk about vintage styling, motherhood, recipes, and more. I’ll be guest blogging here today at Berice Baby!

I am a 23 year old mommy to two little girls, ages three and 18 months, in the hot desert of Arizona. I am a stay at home mom, and have been from the day my oldest was born. Our days are filled with playing, singing, dancing, reading, diaper changes, and more. All the fun, and sometimes messy activities that come with mommyhood. It’s not always glamourous, but the one thing I try to impliment in my daily life is still attempting to keep up my apperance.

I’ll be the first to admit it, as a mom to toddlers, I’m always tempted to throw on those yoga pants, t-shirt and hair in a ponytail. And why not? Half the time we’re home playing outside, or just running to do a few errands…or those mommy groups where you know those other sleep deprived mommies will understand being so casual. The standard mommy uniform is almost a must at those events!
But after a while, that really get start wearing on your self esteem. Because yes, first and foremost, you are a mother…but you’re also still a woman. And sometimes it’s just nice to feel like one.

That’s a lesson I have learned in my 3+ years of motherhood, is to keep up my appearance. And honestly it’s just for me. Well, and my husband. And even for my daughters. Because if I have low self esteem, my daughters may one day tune into that, and think that it’s okay for them to have low self esteem, too. And I would never want my daughters to think that they were anything less then beautiful inside, and out..and I am sure you want the same things for your kids. So, it starts with us ladies, if we are a good example on self esteem, our kids will have a healthy self esteem too.

Tips to keep up appearance on a busy mommy schedule:

1. Start the night before!

Most nights, I will take a shower the night before. I am very much into the vintage world, and wear and style myself in styles popular in the 40s and 50s. After I put the girls to bed, I will take a shower and set my hair in pin curls. It only takes me five minutes, and the next day all I have to do is brush my hair out and it’s done. No longer having to use a blow-dryer is the greatest gift, because I cannot explain how much I hate blowdrying my hair. Doing as much prep work the night before makes the mornings that much short and smooth-running.

2. Putting on those yoga pants takes just as long as putting on a nice dress

It’s true…the amount of time goes into dressing yourself no matter what you put on. But which makes you feel better? The yoga pants or the feminine looking dress? If I am staying at home, I tend to throw on those yoga pants and a t-shirt. But if I am running out to the grocery store, I will change into something more proper. Wear what makes you feel beautiful, because it only takes a second to throw on.

3. Eat and drink right

Ah, the least of my favorite tips. I am very much guilty of eating unhealthily. I just love food. I love to cook it and more importantly, I love it EAT it! Sugar, bread, butter…all the things that aren’t good for you seem to make it into my meals somehow, and I can’t resist. But, it eventually takes a toll on your apperance. Your complexion suffers, your clothes seem to get just a bit tighter..been there, done that! Eating right and drinking water will help you looking and feeling your best, and that may be the best “beauty” tip I can give. Even if its the least fun.

I’m going to throw out another cliche, but it really is true. Beauty comes from the inside, and that is what is most important to teach your kids. Looking your best is good for your mental well being as well.

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Lotte xo 
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  1. some great tips for looking good and staying healthy with a busy schedule here

  2. Great guest post! I eat far too much junk myself, can’t help it!xo

  3. No toddlers, but I fall into the habit of dressing super casual too often. If I don’t have to work, I’m most often found in jeans and a t-shirt. I need to try and step it up a notch more often.

  4. I’m totally with you on point 1. Having a child is so hectic at times, so preparation really is the key. I leave nothing until last minute anymore – at least not when it comes to getting my hair or any other beauty treatments done!

  5. Some great tips thanks!

  6. Some great tips! Thanks!

  7. I love this post. Before having my boys I always took a lot of pride in my appearance and was known among my friends for having quite a unique and fun sense of style – I loved that and it really gave me a lot of confidence. Three years into motherhood and I feel I’ve really let it slip – I don’t like to spend money on myself when it could go to the boys and our house so half my clothes are torn in places or just generally old and done! It really did get my down. I got birthday money from family recently and used it to buy myself new outfits and dyed my hair blue (a colour I’ve always wanted to try!) I’m determined now to make time to look good again! Thanks for this post! 🙂

  8. very interesting stuff, and I agree beauty does come from the inside! 🙂

  9. Love the blog, great advise!!

  10. You nailed it!
    Go dresses! : )))
    Be always beautiful, no matter how down you feel 😉
    Thanks for the inspiring post!