Baby-friendly Home Renovations

Expectant parents have a lot on their plate. As well as preparing for the birth itself, they must make sure they have plenty of supplies in for when their new arrivals make an appearance and it’s also crucial that they baby-proof their properties. Luckily, there is plenty of advice on hand and lots of products for mums and dads-to-be to take advantage of.

One issue people need to think about is their flooring. For such small things, babies can make a great deal of mess. By replacing carpets with wooden floors or other materials that are easy to clean, mums and dads can make their lives much easier. Also, safety gates are a must. These can be fitted at the top and bottom of stairs and they can form a barrier to stop tots gaining access to gardens or other potentially dangerous areas. Expectant parents should also clear their stairs of any items that could create a trip hazard. When they have their babies in their arms, it can be impossible for them to see where they’re stepping. Meanwhile, to stop their youngsters from hurting themselves on the sharp edges of furniture, parents can invest in special protectors.

If people are creating a nursery in anticipation of a birth, they should try to finish all painting and wallpapering in time for any fumes to dissipate. Meanwhile, the careful positioning of cribs is essential. Ideally, mums and dads should avoid areas that receive direct sunlight in the morning or bright street lighting at night. Too much light can stop babies from sleeping. There should also be enough space in the room to replace the crib with a bed when the time comes.

Any rugs must be secured so that parents don’t slip or trip on them while carrying their little ones. Also on the theme of safety, heavy furniture should be anchored to walls to prevent it from tipping over if nudged or knocked.

Then there’s storage to think about. Often, nurseries are small rooms and this means mums and dads need to be savvy in their use of space. After all, babies have plenty of clothes, toys, books and other items, and these all need a home. Tall shelves, wardrobes, drawers and other products can help people to maximise their use of vertical space. Also, multi-functional items can save room. For example, stepping stools that feature storage can make a great addition to nurseries.

A comfy chair is another priority item in these rooms. Mums and dads will spend many long hours rocking and feeding their babies, as well as reading to them, so a quality seat is crucial.

Lighting is also important. Ideally, nurseries should feature a range of illuminations that provide various levels of light. During the night, soft lighting comes in handy as it enables babies to sleep and parents to see.

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