Angel Readings Have You Tried It?


We’ve all heard of psychics, clairvoyants and tarot readers, but less commonly known are angel readers.
Angel readings have a similar format to tarot readings in that the reader will often make use of an angel deck – a pack of cards which will show the reader which angels are present during the reading. An angel reader will act as a messenger between angels and the person they are doing the reading for. It’s easy to find an angel reader today as so many of them have their own sites on the internet, or belong to a larger group of psychic readers like
You can have angel readings by phone, Skype or email so it’s really easy to organise a reading. Angels have always been viewed as messengers between heaven and earth, but they’re not restricted to Christianity. Other faiths also believe in the presence of angels, who are there to help us in the human world.

What to ask during an angel reading
You can ask whatever questions you like during an angel reading. Don’t expect to be told what to do by your angel or angel reader. Instead, they will help you understand how you have come to this point in your life, and look into how your behaviour and choices will influence where you go from here. It’s more helpful for the reader if you ask precise questions. So rather than asking vaguer, more sweeping questions like ‘Will I be successful?’, it’s better to ask ‘I’m hoping to be included in the next round of promotions at work, do you think I will get one?’

How to prepare for an angel reading
Make sure that you will not be distracted during your reading as this can hinder the connection between you and your angel reader, and the angels themselves. Write down your questions beforehand, so that you don’t leave anything out. Try and take five minutes before the reading to close your eyes and be calm, so that you go into the reading in the most relaxed state possible.

You should find that having an angel reading is a positive and beneficial experience, and it may be something that you start to then do on a semi-regular basis. If, on the other hand, you don’t enjoy it, there’s no obligation to have further readings.


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  1. Where do you look for a genuine person who can read for you?

    • Good question, it’s always hard with these kind of you don’t know who’s genuine and who isn’t. Best thing is to most likely search online for someone who comes highly recommended with loads of positive feed back – Kinda like how you would go shopping I guess.

      Lotte xo

  2. I used to have my own Angel cards. I wonder where they are!

  3. I would love to have Angel cards and practice.. I always sense if someone is pregnant and if its boy or girl.. or both! Really fun to tell people they will have babies in the future and it does make everyone happy at that moment.

    • That would be an amazing thing to do. In my last job a nurse said to me she senses these things and she said boy and described Hayden to a T… Its so crazy but so much fun too. I wonder if they would tell you bad stuff too – That’s always been my worry.

      Lotte xo

  4. Something I’ve never thought of though I might