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We love sharing the wacky and wonderful things kids come out with. What’s the funniest thing your kids have said? Share yourhilarious Things Kids Say moment and you will be in to win the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920! To enter the competition, see Rafflecopter below
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  1. ‘Oh flaming hell fire’ and she is only 2!

  2. great prize

  3. don’t look out of the window mummy, people will think its Halloween!!!!!!

  4. I don’t have kids sorry

  5. anything to do with willies and boobies and pee pee and poo poo is all I get to hear with 2 boys – at least they think its hilarious!

  6. My darling husband has taught my daughter to copy the Ray Winstone Bet 365 adverts, and every now and then in a great mimic of his accent she’ll pipe up ‘ave a bang on that, usually at a totally inappropriate moment.

  7. I haven’t got any kids but I did hear something my hubby used to say to his sister when he was little. Her name is Lea, and so he used to call her Fifi because he couldn’t call her Leafy which is her nickname. Just sounded so sweet.

  8. Flynn is a typical boy – obsessed with boobs. Its fine when in the house pointing at mummys but in the supermarket a rather overweight gentleman got more than he bargain for when I parked him to go grab something off the shelves and all I could hear (and not very quietly) was “look mummy – boobies!!” as he pointed and waggled his finger only a few cms from the poor man!!

  9. mummy look at that doggy givin the other doggy a horsey back

  10. Par Cark is a consistently repeated phrase

  11. My boys language is only just developing but only today he has learnt the word “booby” which he pronounces “Boobe” – he’s been saying that everybody has boobies including daddy 🙂


  13. My son is only 2 but he is completely obsessed with cars and we cant walk down the street without him saying brum brum car to every car we see

  14. my youngest son asked me if dad was coming round? his home is with us but he worked away alot.

  15. My 2 year old announced that when she grew up she was going to marry a hamster (handsome) prince 🙂

  16. quality prize

  17. Valerie McCarthy

    I was listening to old tunes from back in the day. One of the songs I played was “Shake shake your booty by KC sunshine band” while my one year danced to it. Many days later had passed and we walked passed a pub and saw a extremely buff gentleman in his 20’s lifting beer barrels off the truck. My daughter started to sing, “Shake shake your booty” out of nowhere. The guy could her her singing and looked over with a bit of surprise and I was so embarrassed but couldn’t help but laugh.

  18. Standing amongst the crowd watching the carnival parade by my 3 year son got excited and started pointing and shouting at the top of his voice, SLAG SLAG. I was so embarrassed and had to apologize to everyone as he was actually trying to say flag!!!

  19. My son tells me “No poos today!” when I ask if he has a dirty nappy!

  20. I have my shopping delivered every week, my daughter told her dad (my husband) that I had had the shopping man in the bedroom! It’s just as well he trusts me! They’d get you trouble!

  21. Kelly Mse Harper

    when we were on holiday my daughter loves the 2p machines and used 2 always want us to go to the arcade. Trouble is she couldnt say arcade..she shouted Cocaine everywhere we went :O Wanst funny at the time could have died lol

  22. Don’t put sun cream on my mole

  23. My son can’t say idiot and calls everyone idiop!

  24. Her first words have to be the funniest still – not mummy, not daddy, but… ‘more’ when she was being fed!

  25. When I asked my son what he wanted for tea he said, “The same as yesterday but this time don’t burn it!” (My daughter had shouted and distracted me the previous day.)

  26. Love this phone

  27. Julie Jingle Baxter

    walking back from the shop one day we walked past a council van parked up the guy had dropped something and my daughter shouted haw haw like nelson from simpsons had me in stitches

  28. Rebecca Phillips

    My son isn’t speaking yet (only 8 mths) but my partner’s little brother (5) said “i remember when i was in the forest and i was dead” and “my daddys father died” (hes still alive!)

  29. my son is always telling me to cover my eyes when people kiss on the tv, even in cartoons! bless!

  30. my neice was filling in a form for school, where it said nationality, my neice wrote, church of england

  31. just after my daughter started school she announced she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, thinking she was gonna say a ballerina or a fairy princess we asked her what, she replied ‘a call girl” shocked we asked her what she meant she replied “i want an easy job and my friend laura says you just have to lay back and think of england” we are really relieved that she changed her mind and is now a teacher!!!

  32. Louise Nicole Hutchings

    One time I heard my daughter in her room saying “Baby Jesus, please make me a pop star and let me have some more sweets. Amen”

  33. We were looking at some lobsters at a restaurant when my daughter shouted out ” Mum, look at the testicles on that one!!! ” meaning the tentacles. Oh the shame!

  34. our daughter is funny when pronouncing words – a squircle for circle, wugmouse for woodlouse!

  35. my nephew loudly said “I’ve just done a burp through my bottom” during the wedding speeches for my cousin!

  36. Sorry can’t remember anything

  37. My little brother once had a whole conversation with me where he was adamant that I was lying when I said his grandfather was his fathers dad. Bless!

  38. ✰★ღ Kayleigh ✰★ღ

    My 7 year old niece Stacie-Leigh, told me how yo get baked potatoes – you get a monkey, pull of its arms and tail, pop it into the oven and it turns into a baked potato! I can’t wait to embarrass her with this when she’s older!

  39. Shelley J Stevenson

    i was having a rather indepth conversation with my 9 year old daughter about the universe and gravity.. explaining that if there was no gravity there would be nothing holding us onto earth… next thing she had jumped around my neck and was holding on for dear life shouting Nooo mummy i dont want to fall off the earth… made me laugh for days

  40. My daughter told me she wanted to be a fairy when she grew up.

  41. When she told me that she had spinkles on her fish – it was the skin but I wasn’t going to spoil things !

  42. my daughter once told me that the baby in my belly was taking too long, longer than everyone elses mummies babies and that i may pop soon if the baby wouldn’t come out soon… I wasn’t even pregnant! #mortified!

  43. My son once thought he was paying me a compliment when I was ready to go out and said “mummy you look lovely – just like Mrs Goggins”

  44. My son’s only 16 months and only really says doggy but points and calls everyone a doggy!!

  45. my two year old always shouts “give give” at the TV when she see’s some toys.

  46. Louise Asekokhai

    My 9 yr old daughter wanted her auntie and uncle to have a new baby so she told them very loudly in front of the whole family to have a special cuddle with love hearts in their eyes as soon as they got home oh and their son was not to watch. Very funny.

  47. my daughter got confused between organism and orgasm emberassing lol

  48. My 2 year old who can’t talk yet pointed at his shirtless Grandad and said BOOBIES

  49. when the babys born and its too noisy can we take it back

  50. we were having a family meal (indian) as we passed round the popodums my daughter shouts at the top of her voice, can I have a condom plzzzzzz 🙂

  51. The time my daughter asked what an orgasm was in a room full of people – she meant organism!

  52. My son didn’t start talking until he was five, so he prenouation got us into lots of trouble

  53. My daughter asked if i had another baby in my stomach when i came home from the hospital after having my son!

  54. so many funny things but the latest is saying the word howdy to everyone as he been watching cowboy films lol

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  56. My little one is a bit young but he does like to shout boobies a lot!

  57. Possibly Real Amy J

    I don’t have any kids 🙁

  58. Natercia Monteiro

    Well Nolan doesn’t talk yet, but he knows how to say leidy (our pet dog) and as she is white and ginger, he was looking through a book of animals and pointed to a goat that had the same fur colour as the dog and started saying “leidy”

  59. It’s the timing that makes it. We sat at the table, with relatives, a few days before Christmas. Just taking the first sip of wine, when she asked… “Mummy, what’s sex?”

  60. How did Jessica fit through your bottom?! (whilst I was at the checkouts!)

  61. At less than 3 years old, I heard my twins arguing about whether they were having a ‘bath’ or a ‘barth’

  62. Hayley @ Sparkles and Stretchm

    Mine doesn’t talk yet unfortunately 🙁 He is only 10 weeks old though lol xx

  63. My daughter said to a pregnant friend ” Can I pop your balloon ?”

  64. My son has said “when I grow up I want to be just like you, but I don’t want boobs”

  65. while buying the paper in the shop my 4 year old daughter said ‘ its daddy’s poo paper’!

  66. My mum came over one day without her makeup on because she had an eye infection and my little boy started crying. When I asked him what was wrong he wanted Nanny to put her eyelashes back on. LOL Made my mum feel a million dollars. The wonders of mascara eh?

  67. When my daughter was little and when she heard that Christmas was round the corner, she really did think that it was round a corner somewhere!

  68. No Kids, although my sister Tess once asked is she was named after Tesco!

  69. One of the funniest things was “how does the tooth fairy have enough money for everybody’s teeth?” did not really knwo what to say that one?

  70. My cousins were having a bath together and I heard one say to the other “What are we anyway” (one of the great philosophical questions of life) and the older one responded full of confidence “We are fuman beans”.

  71. My daughter was playing on my mobile and during the day I had had a row with my boss, I was telling my other half about it and said to him “if I speak to her again today im going to tell her to stick the job up her a***!” Didnt think anything of it until half an hour or so later when my boss phones, daughter answers and says to her, “mummy says you can stick the job up your a***!” Cringe!!!!!!!

  72. My daughter was playing on my mobile and during the day I had had a row with my boss, I was telling my other half about it and said to him “if I speak to her again today im going to tell her to stick the job up her a***!” Didnt think anything of it until half an hour or so later when my boss phones, daughter answers and says to her, “mummy says you can stick the job up your a***!” Cringe!!!!!!!

  73. I’d love to win this for my 16 year stepdaughter as her blackberry bold 9900 just completely died on her & I just can’t afford another

  74. My son, who was 6 at the time, was on a school trip to a farm and his teacher said, “Those are bullocks in the field.” He replied, “Miss, don’t you mean B*llocks?”

  75. my daughter is not talking yet, but know how to wrap daddy round her little finger, she just does a high five xx

  76. At five years old, my daughter said “I don’t like being told what to do, when I’m older I’m going to rule the world!”.

  77. i told my son he popped out of my belly button and at the age of ten he pulled a disgusted face and said i know exactly where i came from!

  78. my daughter says cribs for crisps and squan for swan

  79. My son telling me he knows all the animal sounds, cows moo, sheep baa and wolves say “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”

  80. my daughter called buttercups bunnykins

  81. samantha_ripley

    theres a particular shop assistant in our local shop i’m not a fan of, she has an attitude problem and is really rude! So i was getting my shopping the other day and my 6 year old says “mummy is that the woman you dont like?” right in front of the check out lady.

  82. my 5 year old says funny things all the time, today he was at my dads looking at his 2p jar and said “ooh grandad I think you should let me have this cause I’m skint and would like McDonalds”

  83. My 4 yr old son was on a bus with his nan when he noticed the bus driver was wearing a turban, he said rather loudly ” a genie is driving our bus” :-)someone has been watching Aladdin! x

  84. I want to stay at Grandma and Grandads. I don’t like our house… it’s rusty!

  85. Look that fish has testicles (meaning tentacles!) *shudder*

  86. I was playing a game with my 4yr old about animals. I asked him what the most dangerous animal is and he proptly replied ‘A helicopter’ 🙂

  87. i don’t have kids

  88. come on turn tv on ……this is what my toddler says he is very cheeky!

  89. When i explained to my 9 year old what being Bisexual meant he said “well that’s just greedy”

  90. a couple of months ago my then 2 year old said whilst laying on my tummy, “mum… you have a hot water bottle in your tummy!” makes me laugh everytime

  91. His sister’s the same age as him as he wants to be twins – but she just grew faster.

  92. What an absolutely amazing prize!

  93. granny can I borrow your iron cos your face is all creased…..

  94. My baby is only 10 months old but she makes me laugh when her Dad is annoying her as she sort of huffs and says ‘Oh Daddy’ in a sort of embarrassed teenager kind of way lol 🙂
    Kate Bourne-Francis

  95. Michelle Hughes

    My son is 3 and loves power rangers spd. Although at the moment hes been running around shouting Power Rangers STD. Not the most appropriate thing hes said especially whilst at playgroup during circle time.

  96. when my son was younger he used to say cock instead of clock which led for some very entertaining circumstances out shopping and whatnot 😛

  97. My Husband had to leave in a hurry for Amsterdam for work. My little girl answered the telephone and told ‘BT’ that “daddy has got to go right now and mummy is helping him pack his bags”!!

  98. To an elderly lady…. Why is your face all crinkly?

  99. I was telling my 2 year old daughter i was very proud of her for waking up dry again, when she she said she was very proud of me too! i said well thankyou to which she replied because you don t wee in your pants either mummy 🙂 did make me giggle bless her x

  100. they say something new funny every day! but i can’t think of one particular thing to mention

  101. My little boy is only 10 months and the other day came out with ” oh bugger” well it sounded like he said that haha x

  102. ‘I’ve got the groove’

  103. After telling my son a joke he said “oh mummy you are historical”

  104. “Praise me”

  105. My daughter had to write about what she is good at school, she randomly wrote she is good at ‘looking after sheep’

  106. I don’t have any children myself,but the other week,when my cousin was trying out a vegetarian dish for dinner,she was explaining that no piggy’s or lambs were in the meal,her little girl(who is 3),replied ‘and no horses’ either,which I thought was so funny

  107. I need a new phone, current one is a brick

  108. When my son was starting to talk some words would come out wrong – hosstoot was hopital and tatterpiddle was caterpillar!

  109. my daughter said her armpit legs hurt (she ment the backs of her knees)

  110. “Don’t worry Mummy I am just looking at M’s new princess pants” Good job hes three!

  111. My 3 year old niece says that she is going to marry her tiara because boys don’t sparkle!

  112. Youngest daughter, about 6, on the bus with her mum. As a lady got on the bus, daughter says in her usual loud voice, “Mummy, she’s wearing a short skirt. She’s a tart.”

  113. When he was about 5 my son asked me if I was a virgin, they’d been doing the nativity at school, when I told him I wasn’t he replied ‘Thats ok mummy I don’t mind’

  114. my youngest son was about five when he saw a rainbow in the sky, mummy gods painting pictures like i do at school he said smiling

  115. Hope I win. Need some luck.

  116. My brother slipped on some ice and my nephew piped up can we laugh yet?

  117. Elizabeth Williams

    My 2 year old likes to say ‘oh my god’ when I ask him to do something.

  118. great phone

  119. Pronouncing certain words with an “F” sound at the beginning instead of the correct one. No too bad until he tries to say “tuck”, “duck” etc…

  120. This is such a good phone it has a kids corner on it to keep your kids amused…Brilliant!

  121. Les Evans,
    Comment by Anneable One year old. She had just been freed of her nappy and ran around the lounge and playroom in freedom, disappeared from site for a min or two and came walking back to her mother with a tissue in her hand saying the word Pooh, Yes she had done a nice fresh one and wrapped it in a Tissue.

  122. This phone would make my street cred rise sky high!

  123. Why did you call that man a peanut Dad? He was in the car having a go at other drivers it wasn’t peanut!!!!!!

  124. That mummys front bottom has a beard..obviously best shouted out at top volume in a public toilet!

  125. nice phone, alot better then my current one!