QuinnyCaster 2013 – Quinny Moodd Hidden City Treasures

Quest: Share 3 photos of 3 spots in your neighbourhood or make a short movie of the trip.

Little Ilford Park – East London (Newham)

This is my favourite park out of the whole of London, not to mention its my local and the park I went to when I was little. First time on the swings, first bike ride, first water fight haha we are talking a good 20 years ago (wow I feel old gaaa), Now my gorgeous little caterpillar can see the beautiful that I did. funny enough when you get bigger everything looks smaller but this park still feels the same. As soon as I enter it I feel like a kid again. There is so much to do. wide open space to place football, athletics, tennis you can even play cricket and there’s a basketball court as well. They have two separate play areas for baby/toddlers and for bigger kids too. 

We usually have a bit of a routine, small part first then open field. But we tried something different that day.
Took him to the big kids play area.

Abit weary at first with the bigger climbing frames and the woodchip ground

That woodchip ground did a number on the Quinny haha. couldn’t control it very well on the swivel wheel. Changed the front wheel to non swivel and it was easier. Had to drag it backwards over it. 
We then went our usual spot and played with a ball and balloons

On the way home he played that game we all loved to play as a kid

London Zoo

Next up we have London Zoo. We took Hayden to show him animals in their habitats.
He has become very fond of animal including Curious George (Money on the Disney Channel) Dogs, Birds and Cats so we thought it would be a perfect place to take him.

This little boy is very clever, I’m amazed at what he spotted before me. I told Rovi he wouldn’t be able to see certain animals but I was sooo wrong

Lunch time with some lovely fish & chips. If you’ve eaten there before you would know the seating area is on a slop. The breaks are really good. Don’t worry, I had my foot there for double safety HAHA

I cant remember why I was pulling this face HAHA

My little Caterpilla was sacred of the statue but was soon fine with it

Legoland (Windsor, Its just outside London)

We took a trip to Legoland Windsor on the weekend, we took there 1 underground tube train, 3 overhead trains and on the way back 1 overhead and 1 underground.
It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but very daunting. I think if I was by myself I would have panicked

The night before I knew we were leaving early in the morning so I thought it would be the prefect idea for me to attach the footmuff to make sure my little Caterpillar kept warm

Just chilling at the train station

The day turned out to be absolutely beautiful. 
The sun was shining so bright so the footmuff wasn’t needed. It opened right up so he was still free to enjoy the sun from the comfort of his chair.

It became cold in the evening – We attended a special event so we got to stay at the park for longer.
The rain cover (even though it didnt rain) kept little man snug as a bug & he feel asleep in his PUSHCHAIR!! I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited

We had so much fun completing this task.
What’s your hidden treasure in your city?

Lotte xo 
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  1. Deborah Patrick

    Wow…you guys look as though you had an amazing time! I actually don’t know any hidden treasures round my way but I reckon after this I’ll be finding out!! x

  2. Victoria Androsova

    lovely photos)

  3. Wow, you managed a lot in a day… now I feel like I may have wasted mine! Lol.

  4. Sometimes a park is the nicest place to go.

  5. I have never been to London Zoo – must fit that in sometime!

  6. looks like you all had a fab day!

  7. anthony harrington

    lovely pics! looks like a great day

  8. samantha_ripley

    good times! looks like you had lots of fun