QuinnyCaster 2013 – Quinny Moodd Hack Your Own Home

This weeks Quinny task is late, sorry guys this is what happens when you have no internet and you go on a two day blogging event and forget to do all kinds of things. But it’s here now 🙂 hope you like it.

Quest: Create a blog post to show some changes to your house since your baby’s arrival.
Right, I was so out of my comfort zone with this task – I am not a DIY person at all & I really should be or maybe I shouldnt, I’m not sure. What I’m trying to say is I would love to be able to do more DIY bits but I don’t have the time (Note to self make more time)

The only bit of awesomeness I have to share which isn’t really DIY but more organisation of some sort which wasn’t there before Hayden was born. A section in our house which didn’t really have anything there apart from at Christmas time that’s the area in which the Christmas tree would go up.

Once Hayden was old enough to freely play with toys and move about unassisted we made the area at the back of the living room his play section and where we keep all of his toys.

We noticed that he enjoyed playing with his toys as and when he please (very independent little caterpillar) but with having laminated flooring the floor was pretty cold and we decided to get a mat to put down. What better then a fun educational mat.

As Hayden grew older the more toys he would get and the more he would love playing. I know its not the greatest or the most extravagant but he loves it and so do I. Im pretty sure once we have out own place I will defo have something more creative.

What DIY bits have you guys done?
Why not take a look at the awesome Quinny Casters on this same amazing journey with me.
Have you got a post like share the link in a comment below would love to have a look.

Thank you quinny for choosing my as one of your Quinny Casters! I am having such an amazing time.
If anyone has any questions about the Quinny Moodd feel free to ask I will be more then willing to help as much as I can.

Lotte xo 
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