New Limited Edition Neom Enchantment Candle Review

Reminiscent of a stolen morning walk in an ancient bluebell wood in early summer. Wild, unknown and breathtakingly beautiful… 
Neom Luxury Organics Enchantment is the new home fragrance added to Neom’s scent library and is limited edition.
Combining the soft, floral scent of bluebell (a scent that in fact comes from corn kernel) with sweet guaiacwood and rose, Enchantment is also sprinkled with notes of honeysuckle and geranium, promising the most sparkling, sunny scent that leaves you uplifted while quietly renewed and full of hope.
NEW Neom Enchantment Limited Edition Home Candle has been created in limited edition white glass and comes with a wooden cap. It’s hand-poured in the UK from a blend of 100% natural vegetable waxes and pure essential oils. No paraffin wax, no synthetic scents and absolutely no artificial chemicals.
380g, £42.00, up to 50 hours burn time.

With every Enchantment Home Candle or Reed Diffuser sold, Neom will donate £1 to the Woodland Trust to improve the landscape of Britain, by planting more trees and protecting our national heritage of precious ancient woodland. PLUS, Team Neom will be spending a day with the Woodland Trust at Heartwood Forest planting trees to help them reach their goal of creating England’s largest newly planted native forest.

We were given the privilege of reviewing this lovely product. As soon as I opened the beautiful box that the candle came in I got a beautiful smell and it was strong too. You know when something smells expensive, that’s exactly what it smelt of. I love candles I think having candles around you house is lovely and sets such a great mood.

For Christmas I joined in with a blogger Secret Santa and I got my chosen partner some candle bits. I bet she would have loved this.

I’ve noticed that if you place the candle in a small room and close the door and then re-enter the room the scent is so strong and that without the candle even being lit.

Advice light this candle first thing in the morning when you’re getting ready it will make you feel fresh and ready for the day.


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Where to find Neom Luxury Organics

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  1. This sounds amazing, a little pricey but would love to receive it as a gift or buy as a present for someone!

  2. Perfect for bath time! 🙂 that’s mummy’s bath time not baby’s 🙂

  3. Love any candles.

  4. this looks perfect for a spot of pure indulgence

  5. samantha_ripley

    I dont often use candles in my house, i light the odd few when i take a bath, i like lavender scented… so relaxing. I also like the cinnamon scented candles from ikea its my most favourite smell ever

  6. I have loads of Yankee Candles in different fragrances, which I love and must admit I have not tried the neom ones but they do sound lovely, although a little pricey but would be great to receive or give as a gift!


  7. Gorgeous – love candles 🙂
    Kate Bourne-Francis

  8. I never tried this one. Maybe it is time I get some for myself. We do love candles and buy them almost by a tones 🙂

  9. my friend loves candles,has a whole collection of them,I love the fruity smelling candles 🙂

  10. Organics are the best type of candle. Sounds lovely too. Linda sallie Guest

  11. I love candles but maybe these are a little to expensive for me!