I Need Glasses and Sunglasses

Yes, I wear glasses. But only for watching TV and when on the lappy – Well I’m suppose to, I don’t all the time and I think I’m seeing the error of my ways now. My eyes are really pants at the moment.

Ever since Hayden wolloped me one in my eye while he was sleeping my left eye had been killing me and now the right one has started too.
I’ve noticed that I’m always squinting to look at things in the distance. I know when I have an eye test I will fail horribly and thinking about getting new glasses has put me in a pickle. 
Do I get the same style of glasses I had before? Transition they are the glasses that are sensitive and change into sunglasses, or just get plain normal glasses and get prescription sunglasses separate.
I’m just not very keen on them but getting the transaction glasses are expensive. I’ve seen a few prescription sunglasses at glassesonspec.co.uk but I’m just not sure what style to go for. What style would you go for?
Style sunglasses for Mummy & Little me?
1: Girls Spot Print || 2: Girls Hello Kitty Aviator || 3: Boys Angry Birds || 4: Kangol 6024 Black 

I’ve chosen a few different designs and brands for kids and a favorite brand for adults. I’ll let you know what I choose when I decide to make an appointment lol Someone remind me next week please 🙂

Lets not forget how important it is to protect our kids eyes from the sun too. Choosing the right sunglasses for Kids is often hard and worrying.

Here are some ways to help you choose sunglasses for your children:
– Check to make sure the sunglasses fit well and are not damaged,
– Choose sunglasses that fit your child’s lifestyle – the lenses should be impact resistant and should not pop out of the frames,
– Choose lenses that are large enough to shield the eyes from most angles.
– Find a wide-brimmed hat for your child to wear along with the sunglasses. This will give your child extra protection against the sun. Wearing a hat can cut the amount of UV rays that reach the eyes in half.

Children should wear brimmed caps and sunglasses that screen out 99 to 100% of UV rays.

Need anymore help check out Zoobug they have some really awesome sunglasses for children

Last winner I did a mad last minute dash to find Hayden a pair of super cool sunglasses and I picked up a pair in the NEXT sale .. Note to self buy winter holiday summer bits NOW! 
It was so hard finding Hayden summer clothes his size (at the time 6 months) in winter. This year I am getting prepared starting now. Below is Hayden sporting my sunglasses. 
Does your little one wear sunglasses or do they always take them off?
Would love to know.
Lotte xo 
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  1. looking great, I love the summer

  2. my 6 year old loves a pair of sunglasses but i cannot get my toddler to keep any on

  3. My son doesn’t wear sunglasses. He pulls everything off his head or face as soon as we put something there!

  4. I was looking for something like this for my little boy, thanks.

  5. I am struggling to see out of my left eye at the moment, so I need an eye test but my right eye seems fine, very odd!

  6. Love the glasses 🙂

  7. Natercia Monteiro

    Nolan will keep sunglasses on about 5 seconds. He would rather put them in his mouth. But he keeps hats on (sometimes..) ill just try my best to keep him away from the direct sun…

  8. Great choice of glasses in pics here.

  9. I need sunglasses mine are scratched but they look fab, wish I could get the same pair

  10. I’ve just had to get some reading glasses and now going to start looking for sunglasses too, I need them!

  11. I think sun glasses are really important to wear in sunny weather

  12. anthony harrington

    I need some new sunglasses

  13. My little boy is obsessed with wearing sunglasses!

  14. I need both too!

  15. Gloria Gutierrez-Medina

    I need a new pair but unsure yet

  16. I always buy my glasses on a deal, and get free prescription sunnies – never seems worth the money for transitions

  17. I work in an opticians!

    Transitions are a great invention to avoid forking out on two pairs of prescription glasses (which generally ends up more expensive) but it does mean finding a frame that works as both glasses & sunglasses — sometimes a difficult task! Plus transitions change based on UV (as opposed to light) so will still change on a cloudy day if there’s enough UV, which frankly, can look a little odd. Both options have pros & cons so it’s really a case of weighing them up.

    I had laser eye surgery a few years ago so don’t have to worry any more but previously I opted for two pairs of glasses (well, in fact I had 10 pairs in total — perks of working in the business!).

    As for John, he has a pair of Baby Banz which although are designed to stay on, he still often pulls them off.

  18. Definitely get an eye test after getting socked in the eye! Especially if you are noticing additional vision problems since it happened. Best of luck!

  19. Good luck – this happened to me before too but you should get better before long.