7 Ways to Add Extra Storage Space to Your Home

What do you do when your home has little or even no storage space? How do you put things away and make your house look nice when you have guests?

It’s not just a problem with flats and apartments either! Lots of houses lack good storage space, with everything ending up left out in the open.
When some people need extra storage, they think of using containers such as boxes or jars. However, you still need a place for these containers to go, and having lots of little containers looks just as cluttered – even when your possessions are stored tidily away in them. 
One way is to get rid of all of the clutter that you don’t really need. But what after you’ve done that?

1. Shelves
Pound for pound, shelves make the biggest difference in your storage. You can pick them up cheaply from high-street furniture shops. Shelves are well-suited for living in flats because they are adjustable, and you can take them apart when you move. You can either get wall mounted ones, or a cabinet variety, which can be installed in small space such as the back of a closet.

2. Dressers
You can keep a lot more than clothes in your drawers. One way of getting storage for cheap is to buy old dressers from second hand shops, and paint them or cover them in some nice paper or fabric.

3. Under the bed
One old school method is to raise your bed on blocks and add a long bed skirt, which means you have extra hidden storage under your bed. This space can then be used for storing those abundant containers! If this seems a bit studenty, why not invest in a divan bed with drawers from Bedstar?

4. Hooks
Hooks on walls is a quick and easy way to store clothes. They don’t have to be fancy, even a simple hook will suffice if you aren’t bothered about looks. Have them at different heights so the kids can reach them.

5. Hanging bags
A quick method of storage is hanging canvas bags from hooks on walls. this can be an easy way to keep spaces like offices and bedrooms tidy. You can even get many custom ‘storage solutions’; compartmented bags which aren’t actually too expensive.

6. Behind the door
The door is an easy thing to keep stuff on as it is often out of sight, although not everyone likes this as it can restrict entry if the things are heavy or bulky.

7. Maximum closet use
Wardrobes and closets often have unused space in them. Add more shelves or another rail to get maximum storage out of your wardrobe.

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  1. Very good advice I have loads of storage thankfully !

  2. samantha_ripley

    some good ideas, I need to get more organised

  3. Well written post. You can make the list of unused things and store it in storage units or store rooms where it will be safe. You have given great ideas for storage which will expand the space in a home. Thanks for making these tips useful and best for the users.

  4. These are very good ideas on storage and I 5think everyone will be aware about these ideas. I agree with your point that heavy and bulky things can restrict entry.

  5. Mike@ Removal and storage Bristol

    Really nice post !!! I loves the idea of shelves and as we all know shelves are best solution for home decluttering. Also hidden storage like under the bed and behind the room is also a good idea.