Room For Improvement Challenge

Its challenge time, I was asked to take part in Money Supermarket’s Room for Improvement challenge the other week and jumped to the chance.

The take is to use £50 to revamp a room of in your house of your choice.
I’m taking before photos now & once I’m done I will take after photos.
Then what I will do is tweet about it using #roomforimprovement. 

“Room for Improvement” is a campaign launched by MoneySupermarket to showcase how creative we are as a nation when working on a tight budget.

Want to take part too? Here are the details Room For Improvement.

Here is my before photos 
I have chosen to work on the spear room as its a mess and could really need some improving – like MAJOR improvement.
I have until 3rd June to complete this task … Wish me luck

What room would you improve if you were given £50?

Lotte xo 
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  1. HaHa I’m nervous & I don’t even know why lol

  2. WOW, now I see that the other post is a major improvement on this. You did REALLY REALLY well, with (1) how good you’ve made it look and (2) the thriftiness of your purchases. I decided to take longer and miss out on the competition so I have not done it yet and haven’t even decided what to do 🙁 I know….. #yikes x

  3. I invite you to join my giveaway

    Will be glad if you enter!

  4. Oooh exciting! Our paint is arriving tomorrow so i need to get cracking with mine too lol!!! cant wait to see your finished look xxx