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Hi You lovely lot…
Today I thought I’d provide you with a list of my top 10 tips on how to baby proof your home!

As soon as Hayden could crawl at 6 months we had to redecorate the house. It was a hard process and it’s kind of never-ending especially once he was on his feet at 10 months. He’s now getting taller too so items are having to be placed higher & higher up. It’s actually quite funny but I guess baby proofing isn’t a joke as there can be some minor injuries which they will get over with a cuddle but there can also be some very serious ones too.

Avoid a head injury, burns, cuts, scraps, bruises to name a few is a big & long job so let’s get this list started and avoid poorly babies as best possible.

Baby Monitor

This is my all time MUST. Always make sure that cords are kept tightly wound and always away from the cot. There are the options of choosing the cordless monitor & a monitors that checks your babies breathing and heartbeat while the sleep with a mat placed under the mattress


The Cot

Before your little one is able to lift their head, roll over or sit upright it’s not advised to blankets, pillows and stuffed toys in your baby’s cot this is to avoid suffocation.

Medicine & Cleaning Products

If you tend to store your medicine or your little ones medicine within easy reach its time to find an out-of-reach place to store it. Get yourself a lockable medicine safe and lockable cabinets to store away cleaning products


Water temperature is always a hard one as opinions may vary when it comes to how hot or cold someone likes to have their own personal bath. But babies find it a lot harder to regulate their temperature unlike adults so before your little on in the bath add a Safety Bath Duck to help you figure out the right temperate for them


Not everyone has stairs and if I’m honest I would love to have a house that hasn’t got any (I’m lazy) but if you do, like we do now getting a baby gate is a must. They now come in all shapes and sizes to fit your home’s decor like colours or even fancy stairs like this website with super cool stairs

Oven Knobs

Its fun to twist & turn over knobs you will find with little ones. We picked up knob covers from Clippersafe. They are still twist and turn able but they can’t access the knobs to turn anything on or off avoiding any forms of burn injuries. 

Baby Proof


Keep all plug sockets covered they tend to try put their fingers in the holes. We got our’s from Clippersafe too. There is a debate on if these are safe due to choking hazards and maybe the sliding covers are better?!

Toy Box

If your child has tons of toys which I’m sure they do the best place to store them would be a toys without lid then there is no chances of your little cutie slamming their fingers in the lid. 

Baby Proof


Always, I mean always keep you purse out of reach. I found Hayden shoving my credit card under the rug in the front room – If i didn’t see him I would have had a nervous breakdown searching the house for it and thinking someone stole it. Not only that but there is a choking risk when it come to coins, how shiny does that £1 look must taste good too right??


Last but not lease a pretty easy one – Keep your eyes on your little one. They will always be up to some form of mischief … I often think to myself I should have call Hayden No.

Whats your number 1 safety tip?

Lotte xo 
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  1. Great tips thanks for sharing.

    This reminds me I still need to buy things for the kitchen cupboards!


  2. Great tips – very helpful!


  3. Fab tips, we really need to baby proof more.

  4. Michaela YorkshireMum Britton

    Great tips 🙂


  5. Great tips, think I need to start sorting the house out before my little man figures out independent locomotion!

  6. Chubb Locksmiths Sutton Coldfield

    Excellent advice on baby-proofing the house.

    I’d also suggest that your readers look at their overall home security. Ensure deadbolts are on the main doors and that PVC doors have anti-bump and anti-snap locks – then you’re entire house will be secure 🙂