Win a CeraKook Knife Set worth £59.95

CeraKook is pleased to offer to the winner a white mirror ceramic knife gift set worth £59.95 which will fulfill any cutting needs in your kitchen!

 The gift set contains: 
6 inch black mirror chef’s knife, for most cutting needs 

5 inch black mirror utility knife, great for smaller jobs 

3 inch black mirror paring knife, perfect for maximum precision 

Black ceramic peeler, lightweight and razor sharp 

CeraKook is UK brand bringing top quality ceramic knives at reasonable prices.

“Ceramic knives are made of an advanced ceramic called zirconia. This material, which is second in hardness only to diamond, was originally developed for industrial applications. Zirconium oxide is extremely hard and wear resistant. It has a hardness of 8.2 mohs vs steel at 5-6 mhos and diamond at 10 mohs. 

The blade goes through a high-pressure molding process before being heated over several days of temperatures in excess of 1000c. Finally, we grind on a diamond wheel and polish the ceramic blade to form an edge and the final shape”

Competition Rules – Please complete the four mandatory entry’s then a round of optional extras will start, you do not have to complete any of these entries, they are just if you would like some extra points. The more points the better your chance of winning.

Please check the full T&Cs at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK ONLY, 

Giveaway Time

To be in with a chance of winning the CeraKook Knife Set worth £59.95 all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter entries below. The more you complete the better chances you have in winning.
Lotte xo 
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  1. Yes, I love tomatoes (especially the cherry on the vine) and the salmon!

  2. I love them all especially avocado yum!


  3. Yes I love Strawberries

  4. I love freshly cut oranges.

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  6. Yes I was very taken by the 5″ Utility Knife Black Mirror Ceramic with Sheath cutting oranges, looks a useful knife, and I’ve just eaten a lovely orange!

  7. I love strawberries

  8. Linda Sallie Guest

    Strawberries are lovely but when they are soft they are difficult to cut without making them mushy. This knife looks great for cutting delicate fruit

  9. Lemons first thing in the more has such a great health benefit to your digestive system and has other benefits too… Love them.

  10. mmmh avocado – lovely with pitta bread & poached egg

  11. Lemons first thing in the more has such a great health benefit to your digestive system and has other benefits too… Love them.

  12. CeraKook 3″ Paring Knife White Mirror Ceramic with Sheath looks extremely useful – would be perfect when the strawberry season finally comes around!

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  13. It has to be the strawberries, delicious.

  14. Strawberries. I love them

  15. Bethany Gallagher

    I love avocado, it’s great on salads and it’s also wonderful to use when making your own green skincare products!

  16. I like the look of the black ceramic peeler as I hate peeling veg, so anything to make the job easier is a bonus!!xx

  17. Strawberries

  18. Yum Strawberry’s

  19. Yes, I like all of them

  20. I love Avocado especially with prawns!

  21. I love lemons they are so versatile, it would be great to have a new utility knife as I have to hack at lemons with mine.

  22. All of them for me! I do love avocado and tomato on granary toast, so I suppose one of those would be my favourite, but I can’t decide which one!

  23. Yes, I like all of them.

  24. CeraKook 6″ Chef Knife White Mirror Ceramic with Sheath

  25. Natercia Monteiro

    Cherry tomatoes yum. I’m sure my OH would love these knives… He is always going on about getting new knives!! 😛

  26. The avocado looks fabulous. Haven’t had that in ages.

  27. Love strawberries and tomatoes. Sorry, if I’m a bit confused, did you mean the fruit/veg or the actual product from the page? (if that’s the case I love the utility knife

  28. Love the avacados mouthwatering mmm

  29. Love salmon if it’s cooked properly!

  30. Oh yes, lemons and strawberries in particular. Love a nice homemade lemon cheesecake!


  31. Can’t beat a nice tomato

  32. Yes I love Strawberries

  33. Tomatoes

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Avocado – especially with Prawns

  36. the salmon, mmm lovely

  37. Strawberries and tomatoes – but these knifes would be perfect for melons x

  38. CeraKook 5″ Utility Knife White Mirror Ceramic with Sheath – perfect for cutting tomatoes

  39. Love, love, love strawberries! The knives look great, too.

  40. Rebecca Phillips

    Salmon! I’m practically drooling at the photo.

  41. Aww yes I love strawberries, strawberry gateaux, strawberry pavlova, etc etc

  42. Gemma Mills (mymillsbaby)

    I love that peeler – I’m lefthanded so would be really useful. Fresh tomatoes look pretty wonderful too x

  43. I love strawberries so the 3″ paring knife would be perfect for me

  44. Strawberries are my favourite 🙂 x

  45. Strawberries my fave fruit.

  46. Has to be Strawberries, Love em !

  47. I reckon the peeler would be better than the one I’ve got currently which cost me 50p!


  48. These are perfect for cutting everything, I could become the perfect preper with these everything would be cut, sliced and diced to perfection especially the strawberries.

  49. CeraKook 5″ Utility Knife Black Mirror Ceramic with Sheath is always very useful

  50. Mmmm Strawberries!

  51. Love strawberries here!

  52. The strawberries

  53. Strawberries 🙂

  54. Has to be the strawberries – so difficult to cut into thin, even slices when they’re really ripe

  55. Avocado. I bought some today which are far from ripe, so cannot eat them yet..although with you knives, I would at least be able to cut them!

  56. I love salmon and strawberries.

  57. Salmon – cooked or raw, I love it

  58. Has to be the strawberries (if they’re ripe and British…)

  59. Love the cherry tomatoes, really into them cut and slowly roasted over 2 or so hours

  60. Strawberries lover here

  61. Veronica Therawati

    I love Avocado

  62. mmm tomatoes 🙂

  63. Mmmmmm, strawberries! That’s my answer

  64. ayesha warsi
    lovely gift

  65. I love tomatoes and mine are growing now. Fabulous prize.

  66. I love the Salmon, you need a good knife to cut fish well

  67. oh gosh I love all of them!!

  68. Strawberries and tomatoes 🙂 xx

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. the oranges look rather delicious!

  71. Vine tomatoes, can’t make a BLT without them can you?

  72. I love most of them especially strawberries x

  73. MMMMMM Strawberries are fab!

  74. Strawberries, real shame they are seasonal, but hey, its the season now!!! 🙂

  75. Love the sound of the CeraKook 6″ Chef Knife White Mirror Ceramic with Sheath. I love a paleo breakfast in the morning and have bacon, eggs and avocado as a healthy start. These look delightful to slice with.

  76. mmm strawberries for me!

  77. the cherry tomatoes on the vine, we use a ,ot of cherry tomatoes in my blog post recipes

  78. Love oranges and so CeraKook 5″ Utility Knife Black Mirror Ceramic with Sheath would be handy

  79. hmmm strawberries

  80. I love Salmon and eat lots of Sushi mmm

  81. has to be the yummy oranges!, lia burns, @lialou_x

  82. Strawberries – yum! Although it doesn’t take a particularly sharp knife to cut strawberries – lol! I recently saw how these knives are made on a TV programme – it was something like ‘How it’s made’ and it was fascinating – particularly how the knife sharpener tests for sharpness – made me cringe but it was amazing 🙂

  83. Victoria thurgood

    I like the oranges best yummy

  84. strawberries are so yummy

  85. I am a huge strawberry fan 🙂

  86. Hayley Bolt (Larley Haylar)

    I love strawberries

  87. caroline Hammond

    The Salmon and the Avacodo are my favourite

  88. I adore salmon…I just had some for my tea 🙂 x

  89. Oh how nice a set of knives that cut things would be lol 😉

  90. I need a new knife, the CeraKook 6″ Chef Knife White Mirror Ceramic with Sheath looks good. Advocados- yum

  91. CeraKook 3″ Paring Knife White Mirror Ceramic with Sheath

  92. Strawberries = Lush!

  93. CeraKook 6″ Chef Knife Black Mirror Ceramic with Sheath This would be great for cutting melons and watermelons.