Shower Your Men In Gifts

Do you struggle to find your fella a gift? I always find it difficult to buy my fella gifts especially at random. 
He can be a right fuss pot but is always grateful – What do you think of this gift idea below?? Pretty clever right LOL
My other half tends to buy me lovely gifts at random and for my birthday he got me these gorgeous shoes. 

Do I want to buy him clothes, shoes, jewelry, novelty bits … underwear – argh I don’t know.
Presents for men tend to be hard to find in general anyway so its nice to have a wide range of options

The Cooking Man: 
OCD Cheft Cutting Board 
The Drinking Man 
Beer Drinking Hat 
The Relaxing Man 
Roll Massage Cushion 
The Fashionable Man 
Sock Exchange – Oddsocks For Men 
The Frugal Man 
Counting Coin Jar 
The Music Man 
Vinyl Coasters 
The Young at Heart Man 
Comic Strip Photo Frame 
The Photographer Man
Camera Lens Mug

I think if I had a choice out of all of these I think I would get my guy the Sock Exchange – Oddsocks For Men. Yep Rovi is the fashionable man the odd socks would be very funny & an inside joke. I think he tends to buy socks like errrm every week! … One sock always goes missing and for the life of me I can never find it. Does that ever happen to you too?

I still believe there’s a sock monster that lives in the washing machine – That’s my story and I’m sticking with it HAHA

What kind of man do you have & do you think that item would be good for him?
Let me know, would be funny to know 🙂

Lotte xo 
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  1. I love the OCD cooking board – never mind buying it for my other half – I want it for myself! Although as I always tell people, I don’t have OCD I have CDO because the letters are in alphabetical order – AS THEY SHOULD BE!

  2. i love the coasters and the chopping board

  3. Natercia Monteiro

    My hubby is so easy going so I usually buy him clothes but as a random gift here and there then I have bought him magmatic scrabble pieces which we have fun writing words day to day… But I’m loving the comic strip photo frame here…