Relax And Enjoy Yourself

How do you relax? What do you find relaxing?

I thought I was having a nervous breakdown at one point in the week trying to prepare little man’s 1st birthday & Christening. I didn’t realise how much effort had to go into it, I’ve never planned a proper party before. I’m kind of happy its actually all over. We have decided to go Disney Land for his 2nd birthday so that should be pretty easy & so much less stressful. Now how do I get back to normal?
Luckily, I’ve put together 20 ways on how to relieve stress. From drinking tea to laughing your head off. These tactics are great for calm during tough times.

Drink Green Tea: Instead of having a cup of normal tea or coffee, why not try a cup of herbal green tea. Green tea is a source of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger.

Spoon Full of Honey: People tend to say “Ahhh no sugar for me please, I’m sweet enough”. But honey being a natural skin moisturizer and antibiotic, honey also provides compounds that reduce inflammation in the brain, meaning it fights depression and anxiety.

Chew Some Gum: Minty, fruity, or bubble-gum flavor, Just a few minutes of chewing can actually reduce anxiety and lower cortisol levels.

Lay Your Head Down: There will always be days when you don’t want to get out of bed at all – I get them.  Or you want to take a nice long nap. But as we all know that’s not always possible to take a nap in the office or the famous words “Sleep when baby is sleeping”. Getting a early night will help where you can.

Meditate: No need to go on a retreat to the mountains — five minutes of peace is all it takes to reap the benefits of meditation. There’s evidence that just two quick bouts of silent meditation per day can relieve stress and depression.

Count Backward: Nope, it’s not difficult, but it is a way to relax. When worries are running rampant, try slowly counting to 10 and then back again to calm down.

Drip Cold Water On Your Wrists: No not perfume, I’m taking normal fresh water. When stress hits, head for the bathroom and drop some cold water on your wrists and behind your earlobes. There are major arteries right underneath the skin, so cooling these areas can help calm the whole body.

Brush Your Locks: Really, it looks like a rat’s nest. Even if you’ve already done your 100 strokes for the day, repetitive motions like running a brush through your hair can cause the body to relax.

Have Some Alone Time: No you don’t need a creapy cabin the woods, but five minutes of alone time can help you collect your thoughts.

Get Some Sun: We all love a bit of sun, I cant stress to you guys how much I LOVE THE SUN. If it’s a sunny day, head outside for an easy way to lift your spirits. Bright light can be an effective treatment for people who suffer from depression, and can even cheer up otherwise healthy folks

Look Out The Window: No spying on the neighbors allowed. When things get hectic, take a five-minute break to just stare out the window. Looking at nature scenes like trees and public parks can be a lot more relaxing than staring at the TV screen.

Get Organized: Clutter could be contributing to stress. Take a few minutes to reorganize your desk at work or if you work from home, leaving just what you need on top.

Stretch: Standing up for a quick stretch can relieve muscle tension and help us relax during a stressful workday.

Dance: Research suggests people feel less anxious after a few months of modern dance, but if that’s not your style, five minutes of the Zumba probably works, too.

Write It Down: Start a blog or even a youtube vlog. Just putting our emotions on paper or talking out load about it can make them seem less intimidating.

Try Aromatherapy: It takes just a minute to drip some lavender, tea tree, or another essential oil into your palm and inhale. The soothing scents may help send stress and anxiety packing by stimulating smell receptors in the nose that connect to the part of the brain that regulates emotions.

Have a Sniff of Citrus: The smell of citrus can help us relax by increasing levels of the stress-related hormone norepinephrine.

Have a Laugh: I laugh all the time… Not to mention I have a very funny Caterpilla. Why not keep a book of jokes handy in the desk drawer or check out a hilarious YouTube video (maybe a Pregnant Harlem Shake?).

Talk to a Friend: When something’s really bothering you, it can help to share your feelings with a close friend. In fact, more talkative folks tend to be happier in general. You can even try Twitter – Might be a handy social tool.

What do you do to relax? Would love to know.

Lotte xo 
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  1. The best calming remedy I’ve found is deep breathing (in for 4 counts, out for 6, hold for 2 and repeat). I was taught it by a neuropsychologist and it’s amazing!

    Happy Blogging,
    Ms. Morgan

    • I totally agree with you on this one hun. I suffer from Asthma (not so much now) but when I was younger I would this kind of breathing & it really helped 🙂 x

  2. Natercia Monteiro

    This is a REALLY usesful post! I get really stressed if I see clutter… Only clutter I don’t actually mind is Nolans toys.

  3. I may be needing some of these techniques soon if this baby doesn’t make an appearance… and then when it does I need to find how to handle a newborn and toddler! Must be mad!