Product Review: BWT table-top water filter

I was invited a a fantastic elevenses event and a chat with dietician Dr Sarah Schenker on and also go the take home with me one of ‘BTW’ mineral water jug. Dr Sarah Schenker is a qualified registered dietitian, accredited sports dietitian and registered public health nutritionist spoke about how the BWT enhances the magnesium in the water.

Did you know that benefits of magnesium? As well as enhancing taste, magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and keeps
bones strong. It also hel s regulate blood sugar levels ,promotes normal blood
pressure and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis.
Additionally, magnesium is a great flavour carrier for water, tea and cof fee.

The Best Water Technology Group (BWT) is Europe‘s leading water technology company, employing 2,800 staff. It provides state-of-the-art water treatment technologies and services for drinking, pharmaceutical, process, heating, boiler and cooling water, as well as water for air-conditioning systems and swimming pools. It has won an Austrian regional Innovation Prize for the Mg2+ technology used in its table water filter cartridges. Its Research & Development teams aim to create products which are both ecological and economical, endeavouring to minimise CO2 emissions.

“The quality of a good cup of tea is 20% dependent on the tea and 80% on the water used,” according to Zhang Dafu, a tea master from the Quing Dynasty. Pure water, free from calcium and other such ingredients which can influence the taste and flavour of tea, bring out the aroma of the tea to the optimum. The BWT table-top water filter removes any undesirable and flavour-inhibiting substances from tap water. Thanks to the unique patented Mg2+ technology, the filter cartridge also enriches the water with the flavour carrier magnesium, creating the best conditions for perfect tasting tea.

This exquisite tea is characterised by its delicate flavour, floral aroma and light notes – the description on the packaging for a refined Darjeeling tea sounds very promising and would make anyone fancy a warming cup of tea when it’s cold outside. However, the cloudy fluid which emerges once the tea leaves have been left to brew in the cup have little in common with this description. After a short time, a thin and unappetising skin starts to form on the surface. In most cases, this is caused by the type of water used. Anyone wishing to enjoy a delicious cup of tea should therefore pay particular attention to selecting the water – the main ingredient in preparing tea.

Celebrate tea time with perfect water In order to obtain perfect water for preparing aromatic and flavoursome tea from tap water, a table-top water filter should be used, such as that produced by the market leader in water technology: BWT – Best Water Technology. The primary function of a water filter is to filter out any calcium from the tap water. Thanks to its parented Mg2+ technology, the filter cartridge at the core of the BWT table-top water filter does much more: it also enriches the water with the flavour carrier, magnesium. The result is particularly flavoursome water – perfect for unfolding the best aromas of the tea. In addition to their unique technology, the BWT filter cartridges are also characterised by their long lifespan and fit all standard filter jugs from renowned manufacturers. For environmentally-friendly users, BWT also offers a cartridge in a refill version.

The results of sensory tests also confirm the delicious flavour of BWT filtered water: people were able to taste the difference and preferred water prepared with BWT water filters to tap water and water filtered using filter systems by other manufacturers. The tea brewed using water from BWT tape-top water filters was awarded the best marks1.

Here is our fresh water in a glass & it tastes lovely. We have always filtered out water even if its going into the kettle to be boiled for tea.
I’m very please with the filter – What do you think of the lush colours?

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review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my
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  1. I love the colours! looks great! i must get one ! x

  2. Natercia Monteiro

    Really cool that there is a nice choice of colours!!!

  3. You are very welcome hun 🙂 x

  4. Great review thanks

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