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Blogging 101 – How To Get More Blog Followers

I’ve found a few ways on how to get more followers & here they are for you.
This is a follow on post from ‘How To Get More Blog Views

1. Write Guest Posts and Allow Guest Posts
Find blogs that are in your same niche. Contact the owner and ask them if could you write a guest post on their blog. Also, advertise on your blog that you allow guest posts as well a lot of people give that opportunity when you sponsor them. To guest post on email

2. Post New Content Regularly
Posting new content on a regular basis will help a lot & give your readers something to look forward to. If you find that you don’t have time to blog everyday then that’s where schedule posts come in handy.

3. Facebook Fan Page
Building up your fan base is always fun & exciting to do. Getting family, friends, readers to like your Facebook Fan Page, get involved in conversations, share photos even a question of the day is a great way to gain followers.

4. Participate in Twitter Chats
There is always a twitter chat happening somewhere just look for the hastag # there are loads of different topics to look out for.
Look out for #Pbloggers (Parent Bloggers) every Sunday at 9-10PM GMT

6. Social Media Buttons
Social Media buttons are a must. When ever I find a site I LOVE I tend to follow them on everything else such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, instagram you name it… it’s just a simple easy way for people to visit your other site from one place

8. Participate in Blog Hops and Swaps
Blog Hops & Link Ups are were you can post your blog address and visit others who have linked up. It’s the good old I’ll follow you if you follow me way. They are a fun way to find and gain more followers
A lot of bloggers will host your button for free for 30 days if you host theirs. You will usually see a page titled PR, Advertise or Sponsor. If not, contact the Blogger and ask them if they are interested in swapping buttons.

9. Ask Bloggers in your Niche to have a look at your site then maybe just maybe they might follow you – When you leave a comment on a new blog you’ve just found, ask them to take a look at your and. Don’t be shy! They can’t eat you…only tell you NO! which would most likely hurt for a tiny bit then you’ll get over it.

10. Host Raffles and Giveaways – Offer freebies. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Host a raffle or give-away and advertise the heck out of it. I have some live right now here I aim to host at least 1 competition a week.

11. Have an Offline Presence – Participate in Blog Conferences or host a meet and greet in your area for bloggers. Bloggers are social people. We love to learn from others and meet new people. We are trying to arrange a meet up this summer for the PBloggers – Watch this space 🙂

12. Include an Email List to your Blog – MailChimp can produce a list for you or ask your Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans, Friends, Family, Coworkers, Readers if they want to receive a weekly or monthly newsletter from you. Get their email addresses to add to MailChimp

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  1. love this post !
    Ive been blogging for a while but still a newbie. mainly because I don’t know ever what to write. ahha


  2. I was like that too, now I just blog about everything related to me LOL

  3. Bethany Gallagher

    This is really interesting! I’ve also never heard of Twitter chats before. I must be behind with the times! lol

  4. Natercia Monteiro

    Some really great tips!!! I know who to come too when I need tips…

  5. Great post! I am working on a series in a similar vein, and I just might have to reference this post. Great work 🙂 And I didn’t know about #pbloggers! I will have to check them out- I *love* twitter parties!

    My Imperfect…

    • Thanks hun, shout me when it is live would love to have a look & share on twitter 🙂 – I tend to struggle to keep up sometimes still trying to catch on LOL x

  6. I love doing link ups, I think it’s a great way to meet people! I’m not a big fan of the “follow back” idea though, I wouldn’t want anymore to have to follow me out if obligation, I’d want them to follow along. 🙂

  7. Ooh Pbloggers meet up sounds like great fun! I always have a giggle on there Sunday nights! (am @bubbles3563)

  8. Hey thanks for the advice!
    Have been food blogging for a year now but it is hard when you desperately want some more readers!
    Will keep an eye out for some blogging twitter convos

  9. Thanks for posting this. I have one, yes one follower. I’m going to try some of your suggestions. Wish me luck.

  10. It’s can be extreamly hard, give me an email if you want any other advice hun 🙂 – More then happy to help x

  11. You are very welcome 😀 and thank you sugar!
    I am going to check out your site now, sipping coffee and watching Dr Seuss lol x

  12. Started blogging the end of May and already feel like part of a massive community! Can’t wait to get to know loads more people 🙂

  13. Girl, you are adorable!

    So glad I found you! Thanks for the tips! I would love if you checked out our site on fashion, food, interior decorating, faith, event planning etc. Would love to have your thoughts! Thank you for the awesome suggestions…your little one is precious!!

  14. This really helps! It is definitely difficult getting started. Thanks for the advice!

  15. Hi Friend! I am so Jealous! I would have LOVED to spend my morning with a sweet little one, a cup of coffee and Dr Seuss 🙂 I hope you had a chance to stop by our blog! id love to get your feedback!

  16. thanks for the advice, will definitely take this on board 🙂 it’s hard starting as a new blogger ey! thanks again 🙂

    Love hannah xoxo

  17. This is some really good info. Helped a bunch. Thanks!

  18. gonna follow your advice! hopefully it helps my blog a little. 🙂

  19. Great blog tips! Just posted my first blog post a few hours ago.

  20. So so helpful, I’ve been posting for a while now and I get a lot of hits for each post but not many followers, hopefully these will help increase that! Thank you thank you thank you!

  21. Just read this post as I am VERY new to blogging, thank you, so many great tips 🙂 xx

  22. This is a great blog with a lot of great advice for the beginner! Thank you!

  23. Some really good tips (also, it’s good to know we aren’t the only blog with no followers as of yet!) thanks for the help 🙂

    – s xo.

  24. Thanks for the great tips! I’m new to blogging, so this was very helpful!!!

  25. These are great tips! I’m going to use all of these 🙂

  26. Thanks for the insights on getting more followers. Please follow my blog.

  27. Great tips! So happy I found this!

  28. This is funny because everyone is only leaving a message to get more followers, because they obviously only searched for this page to get more followers.

    And I’m not different. I’ll jump on the metaphorical bandwagon…

  29. Nice post! I shall try some of these tips. In the meanwhile, I would be grateful if you could check my blog out? Thanks!

  30. Thankyou ever so much for this fantastic and comprehensive list of ideas and tips ~ we are still so new to this, and you have inspired us! Particularly like the link-up idea and shall try it at once! xxx The Dulcettes ~ ~ (we are an abstract experience blog – the secret tips and favourite places of an effervescent cosmopolite) ~ xxx

  31. ah these are such good ideas! I shall use them;]

    ( post about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but only post every sunday as only 14 and still in school etc)
    :] :*

  32.! Follow me! 😉

  33. Love this! I am newish to blogging but I’d love to get to help more and more readers 🙂


  34. Love this post! I would love to do a button swap or team up with someone to work together to spread the work about our blogs! If anyone is interested email me at

    Also please check my blog out! It’s mainly about beauty and fashion right now, but once college starts I will branch out into full-time oollege and raising a child 🙂

    Follow me and I’ll follow you back!!

  35. Great post with some nice tips! Thanks!

    Please follow me and I will follow you in return! <3

    The Pintuck Owl

  36. Hi , great advice .
    My advice to those who struggle with content for their blog is to write what you know and love ( mine is photography as its all I think about daily , to the sometimes annoyance of my wife ) , and all will flow far freer from you head to blog .
    My father-in-law once told me “if you do what you love , you’ll never work again” , is job is not as a vet , he IS a vet .
    I hope this helps some people .

  37. Thanks for the tips…if you have the time I would love if you could tell me/show me how to “link up”. Will look out for the next Friday Chaos and will be online tomorrow night if there is a #Pbloggers 🙂

  38. Thanks fort the tips – fab!
    Will be online tomorrow if there is a #Pbloggers and would love to be involved in the next Friday Chaos 🙂

  39. this post is helpful since im a new blogger and longing to get more followers☆ thanks for this post☆
    by the way i will follow your blog! hope you could follow me back!

  40. This post was very helpful!!! Could you please check my blog out, I need readers because I just created my blog a week ago and have no readers.I have been trying to get my blog out there.
    Thanx. I hope you become one of my readers!

  41. Great post im struggling to get followers at the minute i have nearly 1500 page views but only 3 followers..i cant figure out if my follow options are blatant enough really coz im pluggin it left right and center lol. following you now would appreciate a follow back?;) xxx

  42. good list! I am doing some but not all, there are a couple of things I need to work on when i get the time – always good to get more ideas! 🙂

  43. Great post, thanks for all the tips! lots of new stuff I’ve never heard of.

  44. Thanks for the tips! . I’m a newbie!! a month blogging and 0 followers 🙁
    But I’ll keep trying.

    Here is my blog. Can you please give me some advice about it? 😀

    thank you!! <3

  45. This was a great idea, i will take a look and see if there is any twitter chat..

    if I get 200 followers I will wrote text in english too 😀