Haydens 1st Birthday Pt1 – Sea Life Aquarium

What’s For Breakfast HayHay?
My little Caterpillar turned 1 on 10/04/2013 and what a blessing it was – We were struggling to think of what to do on the actual day of his birthday & Rovi said why not London Sea Life Aquarium? All three of us had a blast.

On The Tube
Big Boy Sitting In His Own Seat
Having a Chat With Dada

OOooo Fishh!
My two handsome boys!!
Doreen – From Finding Nemo
He wasn’t scared of the fishes or the sharks!
Me & my little caterpillar
He begged me to go to Namco… LOL
London Sea Life Aquarium

Aunty Bei got him a balloon

Congratulations my sugar plum

Keep an eye out for Pt 2 🙂
What did your little one do on their first birthday?

Lotte xo 
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  1. what a fun way to celebrate! i think it’s sweet that it was just the 3 of you. makes it a special kinda special 🙂

  2. Aw looks like you all had a lovely day! x


  3. Aww you guys are adorable! So cute! Want to follow eachother?


  4. Looks like you guys had a blast! Happy Birthday little man

  5. Natercia Monteiro

    Awww looks like you fita had a blast! Think the aquarium is a wonderful idea! Ad Hayden looks so grown up in his outfit! We took Nolan to a soft play area… And envited his little friends… Including little Hayden, Nolan had lots of fun with his BFF!!! 😀

  6. A big day out, and a very good idea. He looked very taken with being so close to the fish.

    I can’t remember what we did on my daughter’s 1st birthday. How strange. Still 21 years ago now.

  7. Aw.. so cute! I love little ones and aquariums – everything is such a wonder!

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  8. Looks great fun – we visited the sea life centre near where we stay on my daughters first birthday too!