Happy First Birthday Nolan

It’s very rare these days to find a genuine friend – But I am one of the lucky ones.
During my pregnancy I joined a Facebook group for mums due in April … This Facebook group is amazing and filled with women from all over the world & a wide range of ages. I met load of mum & mums to be, and it was a true blessing.
I have made two close friends from that group who I talk to EVERYDAY without fail & one of them is here to share the birth story of her beautiful baby boy Nolan who was born TODAY!
Nolan is one of Hayden very first BFFs and I hope that statement stay true because Terci as one of my BFFs for sure.

Nolan’s Birth Story
So my little boy had always been breech, right from the start. I always hoped he would turn but as the weeks went by, it seemed less likely. I went in to hospital at 36 weeks to do an External cephalic version (ECV) which means they just try and turn the baby with a sort of massage. It’s really not nice at all. I only let him try for all of 3 mins and then told him to stop. On that day, I was given my forms, DATE OF CAESARIAN SECTION 12 April. I hated that the doctors chose his birth date.

On the 11th of April at around 3am I wasn’t feeling too well, I have IBS so I just thought it was that… After about an hour of cramps, I noticed they were coming and going every 5 mins, I got my phone out and started timing them… Sure enough every 5 mins I was getting contractions! At 5am I called the hospital and was told to come in. I go to the hospital at 7am and was 3cm. Baby was still breech so I was being prepared for my c section. My contractions were getting more painful and were 3 mins apart, they offered me Gas & Air but I didn’t want it. I already felt quite down with myself that I wouldn’t be able to go through normal labour so I didn’t want any sort of pain killers. At 9.30 I was taken in to theatre. The only pain I felt was the darn cannula which they had to prick me 5 times for as my veins kept dipping. Once I had the spinal block, my husband was allowed to come by my side. There was a sheet put up so we couldn’t see what they were doing. I didn’t feel any pain but I felt everything they were doing! All the tugging and pulling pushing. And as soon as Nolan was out I felt it! It was the strangest feeling in the world! The sheet was put down just enough for us to see our baby boy and my husband captured the most beautiful photo of Nolan at that moment.

They cleaned him up and I wasn’t able to hold my boy so my husband did skin to skin with him whilst I just watched! It was so sad that I couldn’t hold him. My son was 45mins old when I held him for the first time… Most amazing moment which I will never forget! I felt complete!

In the end I wasn’t happy I had to have a c section but I know it was for me and my sons safety and I wouldn’t have had it any other way and I was glad my son got to pick his own birthday.

Happy First Birthday Sweet Boy! See you later today =D

Lotte xo 
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  1. Amazing story and wow you looked amazing after giving birth!
    Happy 1st birthday Nolan 😀


  2. Natercia Monteiro

    Awwwww Charlotte…. This is such a lovley post. Thank you for featuring us in your awesome blog… We love you guys!!! Xxx thanks for coming today… So nice to see you and I loved Hayden hugs… Xxx

  3. OMG what a cutie!! following from bloglovin hop