Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Baby Boy

So this is it… The day has finally arrived, my sweet little Caterpillar is now a 1 year old.
It’s such a bitter sweet feeling.
I was asked how I felt this morning… Happy, Sad, Overwhelmed?! – All of the above as a matter of fact.

I can’t believe a year ago today I gave birth to such a perfect little boy, so innocent & helpless. All I kept thinking was wow he is amazing … I love him to pieces.

I have a pretty LONG birth story which you can read here

Hayden had somewhat of a rough first year being in and out of hospital but my sweet, sweet boy doing fine now.
He is walking around like a right little toddler, jumping, running & even kicking and throwing balls – So clever.

He is still on his Hypolagnic milk

We have started him on Soya now & he seems to be doing fine
No longer needs a dummy but is still a really bad sleeper.

He understand words like Jump, Play, Dog and Cat

He loves Prawn Crackers & a cheeky Mc Donald’s

We are so proud of you Hayden and everything you have accomplished so far in your first year of life.
Thank you for being you & brightening up our lives 10 times more.

Hayden Pascal Berice born April 10th 2012 at 11:02AM – A Video Montage Of His 1st Year Of Life

You are truly amazing sweet boy & we love you to the moon & back.

Lotte xo 
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  1. Happy first birthday!!!

  2. Rebecca Phillips

    Beautiful. Happy Bithday Hayden!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little man.

  4. Beautiful video! I can’t hear the sound yet though.

    Hope hayden had a fantastic 1st birthday! xx