First Walking Shoes With Brantano

I had been itching to get Hayden some proper walking shoes since he is now a pro. He was always slipping and sliding all over the place in his pram shoes which was very frustrating for my little caterpillar. Pram shoes tend to have no grip and is extremely soft – Time for a change!

I know finding a pair of shoes that fit perfect & are comfortable can be hard for us as adults so Its even harder finding the perfect first shoe for our little ones. 
We took a trip to our local Brantano shoe store in Romford last week

I’m pretty sure he was smiling because he knew he was getting new shoes HAHA

We had a look around the store before I picked a few nice looking shoes that tickled my fancy.
We were then greeted by the store manager Mark Holt who measured Hayden’s feet (Hayden sat still and let him do it LOL surprisingly) 
Mark explained that at Brantano they use a specially designed foot gauge to measure the length, width and depth of each foot.
Hayden feet shape were round & measured at 4 in lengh & F in width
Our first pick of shoe was these 
Clarks Cruiser Deck F Slip-on Shoe

From what I remember they were not a great fit for Hayden as the dept of the shoe was very shallow and the strap couldn’t be done up very well. Mark advised us that this type of shoe wasn’t great for Hayden or for his development while walking, could be very uncomfortable for our little man – Very grateful for his honestly

Up next was 
Clarks Saurus Play Slip-on Shoe

These fit PERFECT. We let him have a little walk around & within seconds he was running around and even did a little jig – It was so funny. We defiantly think that he approved 

Thank you so much Mark & Brantano for your awesome service & help – You made getting Hayden his first pair of shoes extremely enjoyable and I am a lot more clued up now on buying my little caterpillar his shoes

We will be visiting Brantano again in about 7 weeks for another shoe fitting to see if Hayden’s feet has grown. Its recommended that preschoolers have their feet measured every 6-8 weeks and every 3-4 months after that.
Did you have your kids feet measured?
Did it make you understand more about how to buy your little ones comfortable shoes?
Would love to know 🙂
Lotte xo 
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  1. awww bless him – cute little feet 😀 need to go get my lot fitted for summer sandals now with this weather! we have brantano near us, normally find it the best place to go

  2. aww so sweet I’ll have to get myself to that shop!

  3. Thanks for hosting the blog hop! New follower:)

  4. Aw they are so cute!! 🙂 I cant wait to get Siennas first shoes! x

  5. great post, i got my childs feet measured when she was pre school but not so much now, i do it myself in the shop