Colour DIY Tips with Asda


  • Asda reveals a colourful 36% of Brits update their home at least once a year
  • Livings rooms are the most frequently re-vamped room in the house for 45% of those polled
  • Teal is the nation¹s favourite paint colour, and colour expert Karen Haller explains why
  • The average Brit (62%) spends £100 on a re-furb Despite being the season for cleaning, a recent survey by Asda supermarket reveals that home-makers don¹t limit themselves to spring when it comes to home improvements. 

With a surprising 36% of Brits admitting to renewing their home at least once a year, the UK has become a nation of update addicts, adding everything from on-trend accessories to a lick of paint regularly to their rooms proving they don¹t just dress to impress.
The retailer found that choosing to keep up with the latest colour trends was the primary reason for nesters taking on a DIY project, brushing up with 41% of the vote. Spring cleaning was the second biggest reason for a re-vamp with a well-polished 22% of the population agreeing and moving house packed in third with 14% of the population stating this the main reason for change. Decorating out of necessity landed low on
the list with a crumbly 4% selecting this as the main reason to update.
Living rooms tipped the spirit level as the most re-styled room in the house with 45% of those polled voting it the most recurrently re-done area in the home, kitchens came in second with a
sizzling 24% cooking up a new look and bedrooms third with a dreamy 16% of Brits saying their boudoir gets the most attention.
Despite being a nation of dedicated DIY doers and updating our homes as much as our wardrobes, the majority (62%) of Brits spent £100 or less on their last redecoration with 68% naming cost as the
main reason for not doing more with their home. A busy two in five (41%) also stated lack of time was a key limitation, finding themselves hung up on regular chores rather than larger projects.

Based on sales data, Asda reveals that the UK is a nation of serenity seekers, especially when it comes to bringing calm to their home as teal storms the charts as the bestselling colour among
their 300 strong online paint range at

Karen Haller, Applied Psychology Expert for branding and interiors says; Teal is a mix of warm (yellow based) dark blue and green. When it comes to colour psychology, blue positively communicates soothing, calm and tranquillity and the green adds qualities of balance, peace and harmony.

Teal is a great colour to use in a room where you want to relax and unwind such as the
living room, reading nook/library, bedroom or for a bathroom where you want to
create a spa like feel.


Yellow paint ranked the second most popular colour, chosen by those with an upbeat and
optimistic attitude, Karen comments; Yellow is the colour of sunshine, it positively expresses happiness, it is uplifting and welcoming.

Yellow is great colour to use in a dark entrance or hallway to create a sense of welcome. It¹s also ideal for the morning breakfast area uplifting way to start the day.

For fun-loving, animated shoppers, orange walls proved a popular shade, taking third place
in the bestseller charts. Karen explains; Orange is the colour that expresses fun and joy.

It’s a great colour to use for entertaining and socialising, think about using it in the dining room, kitchen, any room you want to encourage fun and playfulness. It¹s also the colour that stimulates the appetite.

When looking to redecorate, consider Karen¹s top tips:
We never see colour in isolation so think about the colour scheme you want to create for the space. When
considering which colours to use within a space, look at the proportions both from a visual perspective and the overall mood you wish to create. Just be consciously aware of the effect each colour will have in relation to the other colours.

“Go with your instinct if the colour proportion, combination or placement doesn¹t feel right then either add or
take away until it does.

Your home is your sanctuary, a place that will nurture you and where you can restore and rejuvenate so make sure you pick the colours that harmonise with your personality. Michael Figg, Asda¹s paint buyer says, Adding a lick of paint to your walls can give a tired, dated room a fresh, on-trend look, not to mention a new home feeling. Asda’s line of online paint has an extensive range of colours so you can find the one to suit you, what’s more we provide tester pots for just one pound with free collection in store so
you can avoid scrapes and find your favourite shade. With prices starting at just £6.30 for a 2.5 litre tub, there’s nothing standing in the way of you painting your way to a perfect home.
Visit to discover more about Asda¹s huge online paint range.”

We took a trip to Asda to buy our paints
We got Silk Magnolia & Silk White – Will let you know how the decorating goes on 🙂

Have you done any paining DIY lately? What colours did you choose? and for what room?

Lotte xo 
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  1. Love the yellow kitchen I want to mine in that color and turquoise. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the bookshelf built into the end of the counter like that, that is JUST what we need!

  3. caroline Hammond

    I’m going to do my hallway yellow, it’s so dark so hopefully it will brighten things up a bit

  4. some interesting stats! i hate decorating but my house needs painting badly

  5. Natercia Monteiro

    Think I’m in the 64% as we don’t update anything unless its broken or ruined!!! Last room we redecorated was the spare room for Nolan… We opted for yellow and lime green as they just seemed so nice happy and bright!!! I love the teal and white room in the picture though…. Great information lotte!!!

  6. Hi on this blog there is a gorgeous teal wallpaper and I really love it please may you tell me where it’s from?

    • Hi Olivia,
      I originally found this photo on Pinterest. I will try and find the original place it cam from this evening for you and email you if that’s OK.
      Lotte xo