The Baby Show London ExCel 2013

We attended the baby show on Friday 22nd Feb 2013 – We being My best-friend Yvonne her two little darlings Kyran & Kamal. My little Caterpillar Hayden & Myself. Unfortunately Rovi was unable to attend due to work commitments.

We planned on getting there for about 9:30ish but with 3 babies in toe things didn’t go as planned. We got there for 10:30 so that wasn’t too bad we had an hour to look around before The Tommee Tippee big reveal 

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There were so many stands to look at … The official show guide with the list of company names went on & on & on… Such names as

  • Bespoke Beauties
  • Britax
  • Chillipeeps Teat
  • Clippasafe
  • Pourty
  • Yoomi

The list goes on… I would be here all night (Yep this is a night post) if I prepared myself to write the whole list.

Can you spot Pourty over there in the corner?

I absolutely loved the demo from the guy at Stokke UK. I so want one… There are so cool & stylish.

I had a cheeky look on their website & designed my own Stroller – Pretty cool feature to have on your website right?

We visited the MAM stand – Yvonne swears by MAM & they are the only bottles that Hayden would take to when we started him on formula. Picked up a few bargains as well

Hayden having some milk from his MAM bottle & in his Maci-Cosi Elea

My little Caterpillar

Here is the stand with the awesome soft play mat. After I purchased this I was stopped every 10 min’s from people asking me where I got it from… I went back to the stand to get the stand number to give to people HAHA aint I lovely – The Excel showroom was huge. It was hard to direct people and these guys were late entering so were not on the official show guide 
Soft Play Zone
Daddy putting the mat together for HayHay – While singing the alphabet LOL

Can you believe after months of tweeting Claire Mitchell (Chillipeeps inventor) I finally got to meet her YAY! She was absolutely lovely – A pleasure.

I reviewed the Chillipeeps reusable teat Summer 2012 brilliant invention. We even took it on holiday with us to Barbados – It was so hot out there so Hayden was drinking his water using his Chillipeeps teat. The idea is pure genius!

I also picked up a few bits from Clippasafe – Its really and turely getting to the point where I am saying ‘No Hayden, Please don’t touch that’ ‘No Hayden, leave that alone’ ‘Hayden please hunny, thats not for you’ ‘Hayden stay here please’
One day he’s going to turn around and say ‘Woman what can I touch, what is for me, I don’t want to stay here’ Its time to start safe proofing the house me thinks. I managed to pick up a few Items … Wish I had gone all out and picked up more stuff.

Extendable No-Trip Gates
We haven’t put this safety gate up just yet but it will be for the door way into the dining/kitchen room. Hayden always follows us in there if someone goes. I’m excited to have it up. He is starting to walk now & is pretty tall having him around in the kitchen freely is not safe at all.

Dining Chair Harness

How cool is this. I can put Hayden in his chair harness at the dining room table & he thinks he‘s a super big boy. Its come in really handy. We may even use it when we go out for our next family meal – Watch this space.

DVD & DigiBox Protector

As you can see the protector doesn’t work great on our Sky+HD box as the buttons are on top of the device as well. So hopefully they will invent one that has top protection too. Would work great on the DVD Recorder we just purchased so we can watch RIO, we love it!

Bath Thermometer

Rovi & myself have a difference of opinion when it comes to the temperature of Hayden’s bath’s. I think his are too hot, he thinks mine are too cold. I guess I’m just a little bit extra sensitive when it comes to his skin because of his eczema. But now we have this thermometer its perfect and child friendly for his bath.

I think all in all I did pretty well at The Baby Show. Didn’t spend to much, met some lovely bands & had a lovey day out with my bestie & our kids. Can’t wait for next year, hope to meet a lot more of you down there.


My ‘drive’ home on the A406 lol

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  1. I NEED a protector for my cable box! I didn’t know they existed! haha, Sophia has mastered the on and off button as well as removing the card to make it work. Smart girl! lol

    • HAHA… I didn’t know either Sandra! So glad they do them – What a little Smarty pants. Gaaaa little Sophia is getting too big =[ tell her to slow down lol x