My Baby Is Digitally Connected, Is Yours?

New research reveals UK newborns are more digitally connected than ever before

From before Hayden was born he was all over the internet from weekly belly photos to weekly Youtube video updates & scan photos.

I’m amazed at this new world/craze that I have entered into – nearly more then half of the women I have met this year are just like myself… So proud of the little ones and want to share to the world the joy & happiness of what a mini me can be like.

If you are anything like me which I’m pretty sure you are… You absolutely love taking photos of your bundle of joy. Take a look at Kerry … she loves taking photos so much she’s created a wish list here those Items are pretty darn cool.

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Have a look at this New research by Currys & PC World. They have revealed that now, more than ever before, parents across the UK are creating digital lives for their newborns on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The study showed that 1 in 8 new parents will set up a Twitter or Facebook profile for their new baby with 4% even claiming to do so prior to the birth, to ensure the digital future of their unborn child is secured.

· 1 in 8 new parents create a Facebook page or Twitter handle for their new born baby

· 1 in 10 Brits rank taking photos of their newborn the most important thing to do after the birth, above weighing the baby

· New research from Currys & PC World reveals the developing digital lives of newborns in the UK as 1 in 5 new parents who take photos at the birth admit sharing these snaps online within 15 minutes


The survey results are announced as Britain continues to experience an unprecedented baby boom – a 50% rise in births in the UK has been documented since 2001[1]. 2013 is also the year in which the world’s most anticipated birth will take place: the Royal offspring of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will surely be the most digitally documented baby of our time.

The lives of newborns are being transformed via digital technology. One in 10 new parents rank taking photos of their new born as one of the first things they do following the birth, above weighing the baby. Nearly 70% of UK parents take photos of their baby on the day of its birth with 1 in 2 sharing these images through social media channels within 24hours of its arrival. 1 in 5 excited new parents waste no time at all, sharing pictures within the first 15 minutes.

It’s no surprise then that whether via images posted on Facebook and Twitter or simply via email, 65% of UK adults will ‘meet’ the newborn of a family member or friend digitally before meeting them in person.

Parents today are taking advantage of amazing new technologies such as cameras with built-in WiFi to send photos or video straight from the camera over the internet to other devices and social networks in order to documenting the birth in record time.

However, this technology wasn’t always so readily available: nearly 50% of older parents (over 60s) confessed that they felt they had missed out, and wished more technology had been available when their children were young to capture them growing up. 60% of parents aged over 60 also admitted that they wished they owned more photos and videos of their children growing up.

Ben Lovett, a Currys & PC World spokesperson commented: “Advanced technologies have made photography, particularly via cameras, more accessible and more connected, allowing new parents to capture and share their special moments more easily. As our survey found, pictures are being taken and shared just minutes after parents have held their baby for the first time and it’s heart-warming that technology allows family and friends to share in these precious moments even if they can’t be there in person.” 

Hayden a few mins old – 10/04/2012

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  1. I have heard that the baby boom is expected to get even more boomy due to all the high profile celebs with babies 🙂 Fearn Cotton for example . I think i’ll refrain from making an actual profile for the little ones, I think the blog covers my digitalisarion urge at the moment. I’m interested to see where the world will be with this sort of thing in years to come. Thank you for a thought provoking post.

    • HAHA James, I know what you mean… what on earth would Hayden tweet?
      “@Hayden I’m about to watch RIO again with my mummy :)” Hmmmm LOL
      I agree the blog & photos are enough.
      You are very welcome. Hope you are feeling better btw x