Mothers Day & Eleven Month Old

First if all I want to wish everyone a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
And I want to say HAPPY FIRST MOTHERS DAY to all the new yummy mummy’s out there – Hope your day has been awesome ladies!

Today is my official first Mother’s Day last year I made a post and it feels amazing to be a mother & to be able to celebrate this day with my boys! Last year I wrote that post in the link but it feel like it was only yesterday. My mum is away again this year but she is back next month. Mega excited to see her – Can’t wait. Spoke to her & my dad on the phone which I love they always make me laugh & smile like a looney.

Got woken up with a beautiful card with my little mans hand print & amazing words written by my fella.
Also go some awesome stickers for the car from The Sticker Family

Can’t wait to stick these on my car! How cool… I haven’t seen anyone with this so it would be so cool to be sporting it. I love how he’s picked the one with the laptop & mobile HAHAHA so me!

Not only does today mark my first Mothers Day but my baby boy is 11 months old.
Wow I haven’t done one of these in awhile. And to be honest and actually miss writing them.

My little Caterpillar is 11 months old today.
You know the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ and it sure has been fun. In a months time my baby boy will be one years old

Here’s an update on my baby boy!

Hayden is fully crawling around & has been from 6 months old. He started walking at 10 months old and get better and better everyday. He can take about 9/10 steps at a time

He loves standing, being out doors, soft play & the park
He is a real charmer with pretty ladies.
Loves the colour green
Says: Mum, Mama, Dada, Yes, Ohh (when he falls down)
Understand the words: Come here please, Some please, Milk, Are you OK?, Cuddles, Kiss & Bye
Loves Heinz Sunday Chicken Dinner

Hates carrots & grass

BFFs: KyKy, Kam, Nolan, Amelia & Paige

He got to experience bubbles today too for the first time! Loved them!

It’s so surreal how big he has become in such a short time. The fact that he can understand words & laugh at me being funny. Walk around and just being so happy & free brings so much emotion to my heart. I can’t bare to think how I will be writing up his 12 month update. *sigh*

Love you so much little man, words can’t even describe.

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  1. Erica @ to the sea

    Happy 11 months! Enjoy the last month of him being a baby baby, mama! 🙂

  2. Natercia Monteiro

    Awwww lovley update!!! Hayden is such a clever boy!!! Xx

  3. Aw! I remember my first mothers day. It was so special to me to finally be a mom!! The card is awesome. Handmade stuff is the best! New follower via GFC

  4. Mothers day is such a special day when you are a mum! Loved the first year I got a mothers day card!


  5. Your boy is gorgeous