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While away enjoying the sunshine I had time to write up a few blog post which I will be sharing with you guys!I thought to myself I love blogging & I love interacting with my readers (when I have the time, which isn’t very often lately). I am pretty impressed with the page views I get and the returning followers as well as new followers each day but I can’t help but want more people reading and interacting. Call me greedy but – How on earth do I get more blog views?

While researching and putting ideas together (From Google, bloggers & experience) I came up with a list of my top 5 ways to get more views/readers

Spelling and GrammarLet me get this out the way!!
This is my cardinal sin – I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say it either. Spell check is my best friend but not always lol I do try reading over my posts out loud before I publish it(notice the try). If you do that and realise you still have issues with spelling and grammar like a lot of people, have someone read over it after you do. They usually see what you can’t.

Quantity and Quality
A minimum of 3/4 new posts a week if you want to crank up your ranking. If you’re putting out new material on a regular basis, the more your site is crawled and indexed. Try and find out what the latest hot exciting new thing is in your niche and start blogging about it. I tend to just go with the flow. If  I see something on twitter or in the shops and want to show my views about it then I usually blog or vlog about it. If you blog is all about reviews or comps make them interesting and what people want to see. If it about your family or pets talk about stuff that people can relate to.

Incoming Links to your Site
The more inbound links you have from QUALITY sites, the higher your site will rank. I will have a blog post up soon on how to monitor this – it’s pretty darn cool. You can sit back relax and enjoy.

Check for Broken Links
You will find that you have broken links when a page has been moved or deleted. If you change the title of a page you change the page URL. You should check links often. I have found a great tool that will help with this- keep your eyes peeled for that post

Analytic Your bestie but can also be your worst enemy
I always check my analytics for page views, revisits, Where the traffic is coming in from & leaving by. How many times did someone search for your site. What keywords did they use. How long did they stay. If you check around my site you will see various little gadgets that tell me all this information. This is extremely important to me & I’m sure to you too if you know how to use it to your advantage.

I tend to use two different site to help me
These are both great tool to help you improve your site but try not to focus on it too much because then it all starts becoming just numbers!
I hope this helps
I will practice what I preach.

What tips & tricks do you use to get more views? 

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Lotte xo
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