Hayden At 23 Weeks Old

23 Weeks Old 

I love this little fella so much … I may be bias but my goodness he is beautiful. I ask him near enough everyday why he is so damn cute and he just laughs at me … typical – No-one ever takes me seriously
Darlin’ the photo shoot HERE was done ages ago! You don’t have to keep posing LOL
He received this outfit from one of the ladies in my Facebook due date group as part of our online baby shower and it fits… I love him in it.
All he wanted to do was stand up… I wanted him to relax because he was extremely poorly but he wanted to be his bubbly self and play. Some how he caught a yucky Virus =[ Hopefully its gone soon. Hearing him cough & seeing with a bunged up nose is heartbreaking.
We took a trip to Romford, Essex so I thought I’d dress Hayden the part! What do you guy’s think? Looking Reem? LOL
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  1. What an adorable little man! Enjoy him! xx- Monica

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