Hayden Update 6 Months

Hayden 6 Months Old

My sweet, sweet darling boy Hayden is 6 Months old – Half a year has really flown by I am so shocked but totally blessed. I know you’re thinking… Errrm HOW? 6 months is at 26 weeks… I do my updates a week behind. That way its a correct up date of what happened that week.
Hayden’s 6 month update & vlog coming real soon
Hayden Update 6 Months
Here is our little Caterpillar enjoying his door jumper… He has really got the hang of jumping around
He will absolutely be walking before the year is over.
Hayden Update 6 Months
When he is on his belly, its so hard to take a picture of him. He is contently moving lol
Hayden Update 6 Months
Hayden took his first bus ride this week… Master Hayden slept the whole journey and missed it LOL
Hayden Update 6 Months
Is this little fella really climbing the stairs? No! His daddy thought it would be funny to make this illusion
Pretty darn funny & oh so cute 
Hayden Update 6 Months
Hayden is getting to big for his boots, he can now kneel down in his cot and peer over the side bars of his cot. Night time routine is in full swing. Im so proud of my boy.
Gaaaaa I love his little face
Hayden Update 6 Months
Let me hide under these balls then that way my mummy cant see me & she wont tickle me until I laugh my head off.

Watch his activities here:

Until next time Charlotte x

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  1. These are great, he looks like such a happy baby!

  2. So adorable! I hope I’ll have such a cute baby too 🙂

  3. What a cute blog! You have a beautiful family and your baby is just plain adorable! I found your blog on the blog hop…hoping you’ll follow back 🙂

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